Only 13% of employees are engaged at work, according to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace study. The study indicated 63% of employees worldwide are “not engaged”. And 26% of employees in the UK are actively disengaged, being unhappy and unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity.

Imagine what impact that can have on customers and your customer service!

The emotions you create for your customers will certainly define their perceptions of your service and your brand. And the emotions of your team will undoubtedly impact your customers’ emotions.

Bored, disengaged, apathetic staff not only damage, but can kill your business. And it only takes one or two team members to 'infect' the entire team.

Happy team = happy customers

When your team are feeling their best they’ll be far more likely to give their best for your customers, creating naturally loyal employees and naturally loyal customers.

There are of course other spins offs too.

An engaged team means that:

  • Your customers will get their experience from happy staff, which means more sales and greater customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Lower staff turnover so you save on recruitment costs, the headache of staff shortages, and ensure a consistent level of service for your customers
  • Better productivity and lower absenteeism which enables you to contain labour costs without compromising on service levels
  • More effective use of resources to keep wastage to a minimum and control costs
  • Clarity and confidence in their role, resulting in better customer service, increased productivity, and reduced absenteeism
  • A willingness to cover and support each other at peak times so your customers get a seamless service and you don’t need to depend on unreliable temporary staff
  • Knowledge and confidence to offer other services and up-sell when appropriate helping to increase sales (on the right products and services) and boost profit margins
  • More confidence to use their initiative and get things done quicker, taking the pressure off you and your managers and supervisors
  • You’ll be confident that your team can cope without you so you can focus on working on your business rather than being perpetually sucked into the day-to-day operation (and enable you to take a well earned break when you need to).

"Customers will never love a company until its employees love it first"  Simon Sinek

How do they really feel?

However engaged WE think employees are unless we ask them how do we really know?

When was the last time you asked your team?

Just 10 minutes a quarter could give you all you need to transform your business.

Discover more about how to reveal what your employees are really thinking so you can tap into their full potential and create a fully engaged organisation.

I have worked with Caroline for many years and therefore have complete confidence in her ability to identify the issues and come up with innovative long term solutions that add direct value to the business.

In my role as Food Service Director for Pride Catering Partnership, I had identified two distinct needs
1) Customer Care: A bespoke programme was put together by Caroline and in the first out let we have seen a tangible increase in Sales of around 10 % and an engagement of the team to drive these sales
2) Senior team value: Caroline has began work to ensure our senior team can understand and articulate our value to clients and customers. The first workshop has led to our team questioning what is value work and ensuring that they delegate more effectively. The positive feedback from our team, is that they are now focusing on added value activities and this is helping them manage their workload.

I would not hesitate in recommending Caroline to any business that want real client and customer focus and growth.

Dennis Purcell
Food Service Director
Pride Catering Partnership Ltd

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