"How to get more sales from your existing customers, without spending a penny more on marketing"

Getting your brand’s customer experience right can be your single most valuable competitive advantage. When you get this right you create loyal customers, who come back for more and recommend you to others...

Which means you need to spend less on your marketing

And make more profit

Would your customers put your business in the 8%?

Independent research has shown that if you asked 100 business owners if they deliver a superior customer experience”, 80% on average would say yes.

Unfortunately if you asked their customers the same question, typically just 8% would agree!

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Creating a customer focused culture, where putting the customer first and providing an amazing customer experience makes perfect sense if you want to create naturally loyal customers, who spend more, come back more often and recommend your business to others.

So, I'm sure you'll recognise the need to invest some time and energy into looking after your existing customers. And of course to do this you need the help of your team.

But, the shocking truth is customer service training on its own is never enough. It has to be more than a sheep dip training programme or tick box exercise if you want it to create lasting habits.

I’m sure you, like me, can think of times you've attended training, a seminar, or workshop, and returned to work the next day and carried on exactly as you did before. You’ve probably seen this happen with colleagues too.

It’s such a waste!

Not just of precious training budgets, but of people’s time and talents.

If my 33 years’ training experience has taught me anything it’s that training (whether that be customer service orientated or not) seldom - if ever - works in isolation.

It’s what happens before and after the training that’s just as important if you want to make a real difference and make long lasting change.

What makes me different:

I help owners and managers of hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses with their customer service and creating a customer focused culture


I realise that creating a customer service culture doesn’t just start and end with telling your team how to deal with customers.

So rather than simply delivering customer service training, my focus is on providing resources and developing skills internally so that you can manage your whole customer experience in house and develop your own unique customer focused culture.


This means you:

      • Involve your managers so you have total buy in and everyone is aligned
      • Have complete flexibility to make continuous incremental improvements towards creating your culture
      • Save a small fortune on your training and marketing budgets

I can help with anything from writing bespoke customer service training materials which can be delivered in house, to coaching managers to lead and engage employees effectively to get the very best from them in terms of service delivery.

This means you’re in control.

By gaining the skills, resources and confidence to manage all aspects of your customer service you can engage your team, make continual improvements and impact how your customer feels about you so you always leave your customers feeling brilliant about their experience as a customer.

My mission is to help businesses make the customer experience their key point of differentiation, so they become one of the 8%.

My aim is always to leave those businesses with the skills, resources and confidence to create a customer focused culture and manage their customer experience strategy in house, so they create a naturally loyal team who create naturally loyal long-term customers.

This is how I can help…

      • Working one-on-one with business owners, focusing on their customer experience strategy, so everyone in your business is aligned
      • Developing leadership skills for managers of customer facing teams so they lead, coach and support their teams so they stay engaged in delivering brilliant service
      • Writing bespoke training material and providing affordable online resources to support businesses in delivering their customer experience strategy
      • Providing tools and guidance to measure and improve employee engagement
      • Helping you put into place the right infrastructure to create a Customer Focused Culture  which enables you to deliver a consistent level of customer service.

The service your customers receive and how this leaves them feeling is your single biggest marketing opportunity. It becomes part of your brand and the number one way to differentiate your business from your competition.

Don’t leave it to chance.

I have worked with Caroline for many years and therefore have complete confidence in her ability to identify the issues and come up with innovative long term solutions that add direct value to the business.

In my role as Food Service Director for Pride Catering Partnership, I had identified two distinct needs

1) Customer Care: A bespoke programme was put together by Caroline and in the first out let we have seen a tangible increase in Sales of around 10 % and an engagement of the team to drive these sales

2) Senior team value: Caroline has began work to ensure our senior team can understand and articulate our value to clients and customers. The first workshop has led to our team questioning what is value work and ensuring that they delegate more effectively. The positive feedback from our team, is that they are now focusing on added value activities and this is helping them manage their workload.

I would not hesitate in recommending Caroline to any business that want real client and customer focus and growth.

Dennis Purcell, Food Service Director, Pride Catering Partnership Ltd

"I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made th
em feel."
                                                                                                    Maya Angelou

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