"How to Create a Service Culture"

Whether you own a buzzing city centre restaurant, a quirky country pub or an amazing wedding venue…

Or you run a fun filled family farm park, a friendly private members club, or an exclusive use events venue…

Whilst your food, décor, location and facilities are important, these alone won’t create customer loyalty, repeat business or glowing reviews and recommendations.

It’s the experience you create for your customers that gets remembered;

…how you make your customers FEEL

When you get this right, you create a buzz amongst your customers, guests, visitors and members …

Who become advocates for your business, who spend more, come back more often and happily recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.

Which means you need to spend less on your marketing

And you make more profit

5 Key Ingredients to Create a Service Culture:

I believe service isn’t just the responsibility of the reception desk or customer service team. Everyone in your business contributes in some way to the customer experience either directly or indirectly (or why are they there?).

So, to create a service culture, where putting the customer first and providing amazing customer experiences needs to involve more than 'sheep dipping' everyone in customer service training.  

It must be part of your DNA, to be built into your systems, reflected in your recruitment, instilled in your team, demonstrated throughout the customer journey and delivered by engaged employees.

I see 5 key ingredients that contribute to creating a service culture and enable you to deliver a 5 star customer experience.

Training makes up just one of them...

  1. Clearly defined customer service brand values and what constitutes a 5 Star Customer Experience.
  2. Customer Journey that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations from end to end
  3. A trusted team who understand your values, the part they have to play in delivering them, and have the skills, knowledge and confidence to do so
  4. Having systems and resources aligned to delivering the 5 Star Customer Experience
  5. And finally a team who are fully engaged through strong leadership to guide and support them to deliver a consistently 5 star customer experience

The Customer Experience needs to be a part of your service culture and instilled in everything you do.

This is how I can help you create a customer service culture

      • Get you and your team re-ignited with your values and vision
      • Inspire your service team leaders so their teams stay engaged and enthusiastic about caring for customers
      • Build the blueprints (and hand-holding where needed) for achieving an exceptional customer experience
Create a Service Culture is more than a sheep dip

Set up a free Strategy Call with me today, to identify the quick wins in your business towards creating a service culture...

I asked Caroline to help me define our company mission statement with our management team. She extracted the most important elements of the business from the five of us and then guided us to put this into a draft mission statement.

Caroline then used this in a workshop with our installations team to get their feedback and buy in. This was 4 months ago, and since then we've been overwhelmed by the glowing testimonials we've received about the customer service our teams have given on site. THANK YOU CAROLINE!

Iain Booth, Inside Outside Marquees

Customer Service Training is just one of five key ingredients which help create a Service Culture and make up a 5 Star Customer Experience

Valuable Free Resources from Caroline

The service your customers receive and how this leaves them feeling is your single biggest marketing opportunity.
It becomes part of your brand and the number one way to differentiate your business from your competition.

Don’t leave it to chance.