How to make every day a productive day ~ Part 1

Everyone has the same amount of time available – 24 hours a day, seven days a week equals 168 hours in any one week. So how is it that some people seem to accomplish so much more than others? What is it that these people do differently?

They prioritise. They have a sense of direction and the ability to identify what needs to be done first. They decide which are the things that matter most and must be done (potentially at the expense of other less important and less urgent – though nonetheless more attractive – activities), and then organise and execute their actions around these priorities. Being organised, having checklists, and being efficient is not enough; by prioritising we are focusing on things that really matter so that we can be effective, with the emphasis on accomplishing results.

So just how do you prioritise?

Each day over the next week I’ll be giving you 1 tip to help you make every day a productive day.

1. Be clear about your goals and objectives.

The clearer you are about what you want and what you have to do to achieve it the easier it is for you to prioritise. (If you do not already have clearly defined goals click here to download guidelines on setting achievable goals.) Ensure your goals are written down in a tangible form, with clearly defined deadlines. Go over your list of goals and select the one goal that if you achieved it would have the greatest positive impact on your life. Whatever that goal is write this on a separate sheet of paper and set your deadline.

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