Do you make it hard work for your restaurant customers?

I was chatting with some friends yesterday about local places to eat out, and I was alarmed when I reflected back on the way so many pubs, restaurants and hotels make life so hard for their customers and prospects. Here are just a few of the points that came up which put us off booking: 

  • Google to name of the restaurant and nothing comes up. Particularly common with double-barrelled names. Test what comes up when your name is Googled.
  • No postcode on home page, so not easy to locate
  • No obvious tab to click to see the menu
  • Menus out of date, or exactly the same as your last visit
  • No prices on menu
  • Difficult to get through on the phone to book a table
  • You ask for
            About parking
            Vegetarian options
            Facilities for babies, etc
    …..and you get put on hold while they have to go and ask someone…….

How many potential customers are you turning away? Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and take the customer journey and see just how easy it is to book a table.

I’ll be interviewing Lucy Whittington on increasing your on line visibility, on 6th July, as part of my tele seminar series ‘How to Give Your Hotel a Competitive Edge

Caroline Cooper

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