What do your staff say about your brand?

While I was in one of our local supermarkets yesterday I asked a member of staff where I could find peanuts. I’d already been to the aisle clearly marked ‘Salted Nuts’ but not a nut in sight, nor a member of staff. So by the time I found this staff member I was already getting frustrated.

“I’m off duty” was the rather curt reply I got. “Oh. I’m sorry, well could you at least tell me where I can find someone to ask?”  Big sigh…..”You’ll have to go to customer services”. Needless to say Customer Services was at the opposite end of the store!

The fact that this member of staff was in her uniform – to me, she represented the company – on or off duty. As a customer I will not distinguish the difference.

So what do your staff say about your brand when they are off duty?

  • How do they behave on their way to and from work, or at any time when they might be identifiable as one of your team?
  • What impression do they give when coming into and out of work? E.g. how they drive, the cleanliness of their car, etc?
  • How helpful are they towards your guests even when off duty?
  • How much responsibility do they take for things that need attention even if this isn’t their job e.g. attending to a guest if they need help?
  • What are they saying about you or your guests in the staff room?
  • Where do they go on their breaks, and what impression do they give if visible (e.g. smoking by the back door)
  • What are they saying when within earshot of your guests; either to each other or on the phone?
  • What are they saying about you or your customers on social media?

What do your staff say about your brand?

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