Educate the career influencers (part 3)

Parents, teachers, college lecturers, and careers advisers all have a part to play in influencing future careers. What perception do they have of accommodation management? Let’s do all we can to educate them. And unlike my own experiences, let’s do all we can to ensure that accommodation management is given the profile it deserves within the syllabus.

Establish ambassadors for the department who can generate the passion. Involve general managers. Offer work placements to schools and colleges, and make these fun and informative. Organise ‘A day in the life’ and open days for schools, colleges and careers advisers for them to get a real feel for the roles and opportunities, and a chance to talk to those who do the job.

Offer work placements for universities that give a structured programme and a really in depth view of accommodation management.  Although few might set out intending to work in accommodation management, feedback from graduates who have experienced work placements in the department are often drawn back to accommodation management on graduation.

Engage recruiters and agencies

Make it easier to fill vacancies by educating agencies with what the work entails and the attributes we need, as well as enabling them to sell the benefits of the role. As with the educators, invite agencies in to see for themselves what is involved and the merits of working within accommodation management.

We won’t change perceptions overnight, but if we all do our own little bit will be in a better position to meet the challenges of recruiting for this key role.



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