Finishing touches for your hotel guests

Identify the little finishing touches that you can give guests at the end of their stay that will leave them with that wow factor. This might be picking up on an earlier conversation you’ve had with the guest that enables you to give them a personalised memento of their stay. For example, they raved about a particular dessert so your chef has written out the recipe for them and where they can find the unusual ingredients (or even given them a sample to take home if that’s practical). They’ve been away on business and missed their wife’s birthday, so you assemble and gift wrap a selection of your luxurious toiletries for them to take home. They lost something on a day trip and you manage to source a replacement for them before they leave.

These are all little things that the customer will truly remember and also recollect to their friends. But don’t fall at the last hurdle……


Delivering outstanding customer service generally stems back to getting people engaged, enthused and focused. This is what the Leading for Peak Performance 29 Day Challenge is all about, and starts on 29th February


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