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On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me green fish

Something different!

One of the easiest ways to stand out and differentiate yourself in a crowded market is through your customer service and the experience you give your customers.

I always think it’s a good idea to start by defining the type of experience you want your customers to have. Then it’s so much easier to work backwards to identify about all the things you need to do to enable that to happen.

I like to think of this is your customer service BRAND.

BRAND prompting you to define:

What you do Brilliantly

What you want to be Remembered for

What makes you Amazing

What gets you Noticed

What makes you Different

What can you do to be different in the way you care for your customers?

It’s easy to be tempted to just copy what your competitors are doing. But assuming you know what’s important to your customers you can start to tailor what you do to meet these needs. Certainly look at what your competitors are doing. But then home in on things that they don’t do well, and find a way for you to do these brilliantly and make you stand out over and above them.

Do a little brainstorming. What types of unusual or unique approaches might appeal to your various customers? Never mind the norm for your industry; be brave and break the mould.

It might only be one thing that makes you stand out but the clearer you are on this the easier it will be for you and your team to ensure you focus on this and get it right every time so you can consistently excel and stand out in this area.

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