On the first day of Christmas…

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…



A great big smile!

Christmas Eve didn’t get off to the best of starts: no power, a tree down outside our house blocking the road and floods. Thankfully – for us at least – everything was restored to normal by the early hours of Christmas morning. Not so for our neighbours who are still without power, as are lots of other homes nearby; maybe you’re one of them and my thoughts are with you.

So what is there to smile about, you might well ask? It struck me over the last couple of days just how much people pull together in such situations. Despite the situation everyone seemed to be in good cheer and thankful that things weren’t worse.

If people can remain so positive in such is situations why is it there are so many who seem to spend their whole time moaning and being miserable? We’ve all met those mood Hoovers, who seem to be able to suck the life, happiness and enthusiasm out of any situation.

What has this to do with the customer experience?

I believe behaviour breeds behaviour. So the more upbeat, happy and positive you are the more upbeat, happy and positive your team will be. And the more upbeat, happy and positive they are the better the customer experience and the happier your customers will be too.

Smiles are infectious…. So get a smile on your face and watch it bring a smile to everyone else!

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