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Building Confidence in Service Skills

confidenceTo get a return on our investment in customer service training we need to build the confidence of the team.

People who feel they will be praised for good results are more likely to do tasks willingly in the first place. And far more likely to try out new skills if they know they’ll be supported even if they make a mistake.

They soon pick it up when you fail to trust or allocate any responsibility to them, leaving them doubting their own abilities. Lack of confidence will prevent them getting on with things off their own bat, which can be both frustrating and draining for you.

And ultimately for your customers too.

Build confidence by providing positive feedback and recognition. Offer plenty of support and encouragement. Remind everyone of the importance and significance of what they do.

Foster a supportive culture where people can learn from their mistakes, rather than be blamed. Encourage everyone to come forward with their own areas of improvement and how they will achieve these.

Recognise and reward when these improvements have been made even if things are not yet perfect!

Ask your team for their feedback too, and show them you value their suggestions and ideas. Many of your team are much closer to your customers than you are and will see opportunities to enhance the customer experience. So ask for their ideas and be prepared to act on them.

Celebrate success so you encourage more of the same.