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Bouncing back

boredHow’s your first day of the new term been?

Is everyone firing all cylinders?

Or is there a definite case of the post-holiday blues?

There’ll be many cheering that the kids are back at school, but when you’re surrounded by those who are fed up, bored, or just generally wishing they were still lying on that beach in the sun, playing football with their kids, or simply chilling out at home with a good book this inevitably rubs off on others.

It only takes one or two team members to ‘infect’ the entire team.

And of course this then rubs off on your customers’ experience

…and ultimately your bottom line.

Whether you’re drawing breath at the end of your busiest season, or just back from your well-earned summer break – here are 10 ideas to get you and your team back into the swing of things and on a roll now it’s back to business as usual.

1. Play from a 10

Be positove about being back at work. If we think it’s going to be tough getting back into the swing of things the chances are it will be! Be a role model for your team and increase the likelihood of creating an environment where people are happy to be there

2. Set mini goals

Get everyone back into full flow as quickly as possible. Agree some specific short term projects or goals now so everyone feels they’ve achieved something by the end of theor first week back.

3. Fresh perspectives

When people have been away from the business for a couple of weeks, or even a few days, they often get a fresh perspective and see things in a new light. What ideas have your team seen on their holidays or days out which they’ve enjoyed and which could be applied in your business?

4. In the loop

When people have not seen each other for a few weeks or simply been head down focussing on their own areas it’s easy to feel out of the loop. Once everyone is back together again give an update on what’s been happening in your business so they all feel involved.

5. Time for reflection

Time off often gives people time for reflection and can prompt them to start thinking about other options, career moves or even career changes.

Quash any feelings of insecurity.  Schedule 1:1 reviews as early as possible to discuss individual contributions and where they fit in with your plans.

6. New challenges

Discuss with them how you can add variety, Set new challenges for team members to stretch them. Even though they may not be looking to progress avoid the poosibility of them becoming stale or complacent.

7. Fresh focus

Review your customer service and customer journey end to end afresh. What adjustments can be made to improve the customer expereince?

8. Near misses

Learn from mistakes. What steps you can take to avoid them or minimise their impact in future?

9. In it to win it

Look for external awards relevant o your business to give something to aim for

10. Celebrate and share successes

Summarise and share your achievements of the past 6 months with your team.

So whether you’ve just had break and gearing up for the new term, or just taking stock of your summer season, don’t let those post-holiday blues get you down.

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