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Valuing your Customer Service Values

customer service valuesYour values are your way of saying “this is what’s important to us”. They represent a way to share beliefs that define your culture.

When we talk about customer service values it’s a way of describing what we see as important in how we treat our customers.

Of course your customer service values must tie in with the whole ethos, culture and brand identity of the business.

The clearer your service values the easier it is going to be to define how you will deliver them and communicate these to everyone else involved.

If you don’t already have your service criteria clearly defined start by defining your company values and expectations towards the customer experience. What is the style and ethos of your business, and how is this reflected in the way you serve your customers?

What do your customers value most?

Naturally there needs to be a correlation between what’s important to you and what’s important to your customers.

This has to start with an understanding of who your ideal customers are and what’s important for them, what your customers expect and how they define great service.

When everyone in your business has the same snapshot of the ideal customer it’s so much easier to define the ideal customer experience you’re working on. This in turn means it’s easier for every effort to add value.

Ask yourself not just who they are, but identify what need you’re meeting or problem you are solving.

Why do your customers buy from you specifically? What makes your business, venue, offer or service different? Why is your experience better than anyone or anywhere else?

Live by your service values

If you want to create a service culture, your service values should be living and breathing, being evident in EVERYTHING you do. Not shut away in a filing cabinet!

Define how these values will be evident in the ideal customer experience. Define exactly what behaviours your team need to demonstrate to live by your values (i.e. what you expect to hear people say or see them do.)

And reinforce these consistently. Set an example so you are living by your values each and every day. Recognise when your team members demonstrate your values, and don’t let things go unchallenged when they are not being met.

So, what are your customer service values? What is the service culture you’re looking to creaeWhat do your customers value most? And what can you do to be sure your team live by your values each and every day?

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