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And the winner is…

Award WinnerEarlier this month I was a guest at an awards ceremony – the British Excellence in Sales Management Awards, hosted by the very funny Jimmy Carr. Quite apart from having a great evening and an excuse to put on a posh frock, I was delighted when I discovered my host was up for an award. And this wasn’t any old award; this with the lifetime achievement award. So you can imagine my delight – and of course his – when he was announced the winner. Such a proud moment for him, and made me feel proud to be part of it.

Congratulations Peter Thomson, well deserved.

So today I’d like to talk more about the power of awards, but…

Before we get into that I’d like to announce our survey results.


The results are in

It was fantastic to hear that so many of you (47%) feel incredibly lucky to have an amazing team who are fantastic ambassadors for your business.

The not so good news that 35% of you believe your managers/supervisors lack confidence/experience to lead effectively.

Although 30% say you have only one or two challenging people but overall they are fairly engaged, 22% recognise you have a number of staff who are disengaged.

I was also really interested in some of the things you systematically do to measure levels of engagement amongst your team.

So over the coming weeks I will share with you some more ideas of things you can be doing with your team to measure levels of employee engagement and ideas on how to improve it.

I’m also thinking through what else I can do for you to help bridge that gap where your managers lack the confidence to lead effectively (which probably no doubt has an impact on levels of employee engagement too).

Here’s one way of boosting employee engagement for starters…


External awards are a fantastic way to give recognition to your team; to show you appreciate their hard work. And although winning is great, just being nominated for an award is a great morale booster, because it demonstrates your team you think you are worthy of it.

They also provide an opportunity to stand out from the competition and boost your business profile.

I recall from my corporate days when our sales director put me forward for the Institute of Marketing Sales Trainer of the year award. I didn’t win but I was one of the finalists, which gave me a huge boost, and an opportunity to invite my colleagues along to the awards dinner which was great for my profile and for the business.

Keep your eye out for awards which are relevant to your business or your market. Look at the criteria they are looking for and ensure a good match for you and your business.

And even if you currently think you’re light years away from reaching those criteria, set it as a goal to nominate your team (or an individual within your team) for the award next year. Let them know the goal and work with them on developing an action plan to fill the gaps. Then empower them to do what it takes to reach that goal.

Even doing something internally as a league table can help maintain focus as well as an element of fun. This might mean concentrating on a different theme each month so that everyone has the opportunity to be recognised for their particular skills and strengths. Just as long as it’s relevant to your definition of success.

Be sure to recognise all departments, including back of house staff, or those in non-customer facing roles. It’s all too easy for them to get forgotten, and of course they all have their part to play.

So what awards will you be entering in 2018?