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The accepted norm

The way it is jared-rice

I sometimes see managers getting very frustrated that people in their team aren’t contributing as much as they’d like.

They know, or at least suspect, they are capable of more, but for some reason some people are just not taking responsibility for making decisions or getting things done.

Ask how they see their role?  They may see things differently.  If you (or maybe your predecessor) have always done the thinking for them, maybe that’s accepted as the way it works.

Do they even recognise that you’d like more from them, and if so what?

When we find ourselves getting frustrated that people are not handling things the way we’d like, it’s time to reflect on how well we’ve explained our expectations, and the training and support we’ve given to help them realise these expectations.

Do they know what ‘great’ looks like so they have something against which to benchmark their performance?

Do they have all the tools, resources and enough time to meet your expectations?

Have we given feedback on how they’re doing and comparing it to their understanding or perception of what’s needed?

Are they kept up to date? Quite apart from the fact no one wants to look uninformed, especially in front of colleagues or customers, unless they know ‘what’s happening where’, it will always be difficult for your team members to make considered decisions.

But probably the most important question to ask is: are we giving them the freedom, confidence and autonomy to do what they’re capable of doing and to fully contribute.

Want to know what the next step is….?

Rotten Apples

Slightly rotten apple isolated on the white background

Understandably, as a business owner you’re focused on your sales and your bottom line.

Yet, you could well have profits sneaking out of the back door unnoticed; many people do.

Profits you could retain with a few simple steps.

Although some businesses have woken up to the benefits of having an engaged team, all the evidence still shows that 2/3 or more of staff are not engaged at work.

Not only is this rather sad …

it’s costing businesses £ millions.

If it makes sense to measure financial and sales performance, it also makes sense to measure engagement.

Peter Drucker said it beautifully: “If you don’t measure it, how can you manage it?

In disguise

However, this isn’t always easy because…

Unfortunately, disengaged employees look the same as everyone else.

They come to work on time, they do what’s asked of them and they say “Yes” to requests.


These are also the people who only do the minimum expected. They rarely go out of their way to support their colleagues, and are liable to whinge the minute your back is turned.  They’re not consciously unhappy, but nor are they enthused, excited or energised about their job.

And the worst of it is …

they are like a rotten apple. If we don’t spot them early they bring everyone else along with them.

So why take that chance?

Why not find out exactly where you are now.

Get your company’s engagement score in under 10 minutes, FREE

And stop those profits sneaking out the back door.

After all, all progress starts with the truth.

Tapping into Potential

hide-ignore-caleb-woods-182648One of the key areas of focus for many of my clients is how to increase the retention of their key people.

They are worried about not tapping into their potential and ultimately losing them, which inevitably has a knock-on effect on customer service, productively and profit.

Sadly, some business owners stick their head in the sand because they are afraid of what they might find. As you and I know this ‘head in the sand’ approach simply doesn’t work.

I’m very excited that I’ve recently become involved with a brilliant digital business-transformation platform called Engagement Multiplier. This software provides employees with an easy (and anonymous) way of telling you what they want to tell you about your business. Which gives you some amazing insights into where to focus to increase retention – of both customers and employees, and as a result of that increases and improves profit.

Having seen what it’s been doing for other owner managed businesses I thought you’d be fascinated by this free assessment.

Who it’s for…

Brave, caring, owners of growth focused businesses, so they can improve staff retention, retain customers and increase profits, by leveraging the untapped resource of their people.

If this sounds like you I think you’ll be fascinated by this free assessment.
It only takes 10 minutes (or less) to get your company’s engagement score, and discover where to take action to make an impact right away.