This happens every day, right?

You’re probably not aware of this but today is “Employee Appreciation Day” in the US.

OK, so that’s great to show your employees some appreciation.

But doesn’t this happen every day?

As human beings we all like to be appreciated …more than just once a year!

Ongoing, simple but sincere gestures – however small – towards each of your team members that demonstrates your gratitude will certainly be a factor in creating an engaged workforce.

Like what, you might ask?

Without understanding what’s important to the people in your team it can be difficult to get this right, can’t it?

Of course, there’s the obvious assumption that money is the answer. There’s no denying it’s important; I’m sure few would turn up for work if they weren’t getting paid for it.

But does money really engage people, or demonstrate our appreciation? (I know for sure I’d rather be given a bunch of flowers any day rather than a ten quid ‘bonus’ to go and buy my own!)

Finding out what’s important to people is really quite simple.


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