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Attitude over Aptitude

I’ve had conversations with 3 different businesses this week about staff recruitment and getting the right people on-board. 

Getting your recruitment wrong can be costly, not just from the additional expense of recruiting, but all the knock-on impact that can have on staff morale, extra workload for fellow team members and disruption for your customers.

What I see many businesses doing is recruiting solely on qualifications and experience, but when it comes to under-performance that very often comes down to attitude.

In other words, they recruit on aptitude, but fire on attitude.

So, in this week’s blog post here are 3 considerations to help you recruit on attitude rather than aptitude.

  1. Test for a service mentality at recruitment. When your service standards are clearly defined it’s easier to identify the essential attributes you’re looking for in your ideal candidates. You can develop skills by training, but it’s more difficult to change people’s attitudes.
    Think about your star performers. What are the characteristics that make them stand out? Then look for these traits when recruiting.
    These can be a little more tricky to identify so ask for examples of situations they have been in that demonstrate these traits.
    Test their perception of what makes good service and why it’s important. You don’t want to spend your time having to spell this out.
  2. Create a business were people love to work, and are happy to be advocates and ambassadors for your business. Even when they move on.
    This way when you come to recruit you’ll be able to do so wisely and have a steady stream of people – who share your ethos – queueing up, rather than your business being a last resort for those desperate for any job they can get!
  3. Extend the same criteria to third party providers. Your suppliers could be your customers’ very first impression (such as a security guard at your site, a receptionist at your serviced offices or your call answering service) or very last impression (e.g. your delivery company).
    The two most critical touch points on your customer’s journey. Don’t leave these to chance with your suppliers.

Action point

If you just do one thing, make a list of the traits that make your star team members stand out and put these to the top of your list of prerequisites when recruiting.