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My focus is in helping business owners and managers to develop their teams to enable them to deliver outstanding customer experiences – consistently, so you can create naturally loyal customers.

My mission is to teach others to find their talents and strengths so they become as self-sufficient as possible to give flexibility (and make training budgets go a whole lot further!)

I founded Naturally Loyal on 3 strong beliefs:

      • The happier your team the happier your customers.
      • Customer service training is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to delivering a great customer experience. It requires a whole infrastructure to support it.
      • The more a business can develop their teams in house the greater the ownership and more sustainable it will be.

That's why I focus so much on how teams are managed, and on giving line managers the skills, resources and confidence to train, coach and support their teams, without having to rely on external support on a long term basis.

Staff loyalty and customer loyalty go hand in hand...

I feel that same frustration you do when I see all that effort that’s been put into winning new business just go to waste because the customer gets an average experience, and given nothing that stands out and or differentiates their experience.

I also get sad – as I’m sure you do - when I see talent going to waste. You know, all that potential you spotted at their interview not being demonstrated? Maybe because they haven’t been given the knowledge, skills, confidence or authority to show their true colours and do everything in their power to deliver that outstanding customer experience.

So my aim is to help business owners and managers tap into the life time value of their customers, helping everyone in the business spot opportunities and do what they can to wow their customers, thus encouraging customers to spend more, come back more often, and recommend them to others.

I’ve been training teams and coaching managers and business owners for over 30 years. And I love it…

      • I love to see that light bulb moment when the penny drops or a new idea forms and the enthusiasm that rubs off onto customers, giving them a better customer experience, so they ultimately spend more .
      • I love to see that moment when someone realises they really can do something they thought previously beyond them, so they’re confident to take on responsibility, and respond more quickly to customers’ needs (taking the pressure off you) .
      • I love that moment of turning that stubborn ‘ha, I bet you can’t teach me anything I don’t know already!’ into ‘Hmm, actually, that’s useful. That could make my life easier’, so you get more buy in and the customer experiences seamless and consistent levels of care .
      • And I love to see that transformation from just ‘doing my job’ to individuals recognising their strengths and value to the business and fully engaging with the job, so that the customer sees a happy, motivated and engaged team, and you get a someone who is fully earning their keep and contributing to the business.

In the lime light

As well as writing regular columns for a number of journals such as Customer Experience Magazine I also speak at several industry conferences and events each year.

Looking for a speaker?

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If you’re looking for a speaker for your next event, take a look at my Speaker page for details of my current talks.

Or email me at caroline@naturallyloyal.com


Been there, got the T shirt

Photo courtesy of © Caterer and Hotelkeeper/ Katherine Alano

After over 25 years in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry finally heading up the Learning and Development team of one of the UK's leading contract catering companies I decided it was time for a change.

I left the corporate world in 2005 to set up on my own initially as a leadership coach and trainer.

An opportunity to work with a leadership consultancy with some of the FTSE 100 companies provided me with a great experience, not only of other businesses, but the opportunity to work with a huge range of professionals with different skills and styles which I have been able to tap into and learn from.

I had a hankering in 2009 to go back to hospitality, leisure and tourism, and one of my first projects was to write a book – “The Hotel Success Handbook” (at the time rated No1 on Amazon for Hotel Marketing, and still a set text book for hospitality degree students at Oxford Brookes University).

But I soon came to realise that the principles of delivering outstanding customer experiences are the same in any industry – let’s face it, who doesn’t like to be treated well as a customer whatever the situation. And what I love now is that different industries can learn from one another, sharing best practice with no ‘threat' from the competition. In fact it’s often the foundation for many a great joint venture partnership.

I hold a diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching, am a certified NLP Practitioner and a CIPD graduate. But I love to learn and keep up to date, and you'll usually find me with my nose stuck in book or on the end of a webinar!

All work doesn’t mean no play

I love anything to do with gardens and gardening, and while my husband pursues his sailing I’m more than happy to potter in my own Sussex garden. I’ve a diploma in garden design, but happy to keep this as a hobby rather than a business.

I’ve travelled extensively and lived in Paris and Florida, but my favourite places are northern Italy and New Zealand’s South Island. In 2015 I realised one of my long-term ambitions to visit Antarctica which was a fantastic experience.

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