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magic wandYesterday I was being filmed for an online customer care training programme I have written for one of my clients.

We had some fun with the retakes, but I’m pleased to report it went remarkably smoothly and we were done in time for a bit of last minute Christmas shopping.

One of the things we focus on in the programme is adding little touches of magic for customers.

These are the little moments that make them feel valued and that bit special, and which stay with them long after the event. The sort of things that get talked about and recounted to colleagues, friends and family.

As you celebrate Christmas keep your eye out for the little touches that add magic for you and your family. And look out for those that could be translated into the business world, and bring a memorable touch to light up your customers’ experience.

Make them smile

In the same way you might compliment Aunty Doris on her new hair cut, or share a joke, it might just be something we say or small gesture that really makes our customer’s day.

Spot opportunities to bring a smile to your customer’s face.

Help your customers to celebrate

Even if you’re a Bah Humbug sort of person, you usually enter into the spirit of things for the family’s sake! In the same way, something that seems insignificant to us might be a big deal for a customer. Share in their excitement.

What can you do to help them celebrate their special day or achievement?

Remember your Customers

You’ve just earned extra brownie points as you remember a loved one’s favourite perfume!

The same principle applies to your customers… Make them feel valued. Never under estimate the impact when you remember someone’s preferences especially when they aren’t expecting it.

Do they have any particular likes and dislikes, what is their favourite tipple, their favourite colour, or as simple as how they take their coffee.

They’ll be touched you remembered.

I saw this and thought of you

Don’t you just love it when you open up a gift, and it’s perfect for you?

Whether for Christmas, birthday or simply because someone says, “I saw this and thought of you, and I knew I just had to get it for you!”.

It feels really good that somebody’s gone to the trouble of finding something that they knew that you’d love. You’re perhaps surprised that they paid attention to something you’ve mentioned in passing. You may feel humbled that they’ve gone to so much trouble to find the exact match of something you’ve always wanted.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get our customers to feel that way about what we give them?

Adding GLUE

Spot opportunities to Give Little Unexpected Extras

It’s akin to those moments when you go into the kitchen and find the kids have done all the washing up! (OK, so maybe I’m dreaming here…!) or Cousin Clare has brought you a jar of her delicious home-made jam that all the family love.

It’s the simple little gestures that don’t cost much.

Simple things such as getting back to people quicker than anticipated – speed always impresses; finding something they’ve mentioned even though it’s not something you normally stock; gift wrapping or packing something with a personal touch or greeting because you notice it’s for a special occasion; including something extra just because you think they’ll appreciate it due to e.g. the weather, time of day, who they have with them.

All these are spontaneous unexpected extras – all of which are tailored to the individual and situation. So make your ‘extras’ relevant, well timed and personal.

Creating Magic Moments

What ideas do you have to create magic moments for your customers?

Challenge your team to come forward with their own ideas – If they were a customer coming to your business what little touches would they love that would make it memorable or extra special for them?

Ask them to imagine they had a magic wand and had all the time in the world, and a limitless budget…

What potential added extras can make an average experience into an amazing experience for your customers?

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