Are you letting new hotel business opportunities slip through your fingers?

Learn the 7 fatal mistakes hoteliers make in getting new business

  • Do you struggle to get new business?
  • Are you unsure what marketing you should be doing and want to know how to make your marketing budget go further?
  • Do your guests seem to have a good time, but you still don’t get much repeat business?
  • Are you forever chasing your tail and never have time to devote to growing the business?
  • Are you fed up with other hotels under cutting you and forcing you to reduce your rates?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions there’s still time ot join me on my complimentary call on Tuesday 23rd August.

On this free call you’ll discover:

  • The 4 most common mistakes hoteliers make when trying to gain new business
  • The 3 ways hoteliers let repeat business slip through their fingers
  • How to spot if you are making these mistakes and what to do to rectify them.
  • Plus I’ll be revealing my BRAND NEW programme created specifically for owners and managers of small independent hotels who want to give their hotel a competitive edge

To learn more and to register click here

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