Are you missing golden opportunities

Yesterday I went to Hotelympia.  I saw some interesting new ideas, and met some knowledgable people, and it’s always a good opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues.

However, I was somewhat less impressed by the lack of enthusiasm by some of the stand holders to tell you much about their products.

But one stand in particular stood out as wasting a golden opportunity.  They had an interesting product, so I asked what I thought was quite a basic question (this was a bio degradable product and I wanted to know if it was washable and reusable).  ‘I don’t know’ came the reply.  I asked another question on price. ‘I don’t know, but the prices are on our website.’ I got the same response to the next question, and the next. When I asked if anyone else could help ‘no, he’s busy at the moment’. And so the conversation went on. Needless to say I have not looked at their website – why would I when there were plenty of other suppliers offering comparable products who were prepared to talk to me and give me information?  And will they be contacting me? No, because no one even bothered to ask for my details.

The morale of this tale: If you are going to invest your hard earned cash on any form of marketing for your hotel, restaurant, B&B or bar – be it an exhibition stand at a wedding fare or a simple ad in your local paper – make sure anyone fielding the response is fully briefed.  They need to know:

  • The products and services you are promoting
  • Price and what this prices includes
  • Availability
  • How to handle enquiries
  • What to do if asked something they don’t know the answer to (hint – referring them to your website is not the right answer!)
  • How to take an order or booking.

And even if these simple steps are beyond the ability of the person dealing with the query, make sure at least that they capture their contact details. And then follow up on these golden opportunities.

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