Resourceful states

How unresourceful & resourceful states influence employee engagement When you get home from work can you normally sense what sort of mood everyone else’s in? Even when no words are spoken it’s usually pretty easy to tell. Our moods and emotions are usually evident to others from our behaviours, facial expressions and tone. Certain emotions […]

What’s going on?

This might be something as simple as a product or service which isn’t available, so customers end up being disappointed. Perhaps it’s a particular customer who has special requirements, who might need some specialist treatment or VIP attention. Or it could be something completely out of your team’s control, such as roadworks or severe weather, […]

Continuous Improvements Can Make a Big Difference

Making small continuous improvements all add up and can make a big difference Here’s a perfect example of continuous improvements. Back in the 1950s Formula 1 pit stops used to take in the region of 67 seconds. Now they take a only 2-3 seconds. How have they achieved this? By finding ways to make incremental […]