Building Confidence

Building confidence with team members One of the things I’ll be covering on my Managing for Peak Performance workshop today is building confidence. When team members lack confidence in a task it will stop them getting on with tasks off their own bat, which can be both frustrating and draining for you, and have a […]

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Icebergs and Innovation Involving your team in innovation and improvements. I’ve talked many a time about the importance of listening and tuning in to your team. However, today’s article is also about listening, but this time with a view to involving them, making continuous improvement & creating a culture of innovation. Sparked by a webinar […]

A question of questions ~ Question technique for managers

Mastering the art of question technique On a recent Managing Performance Workshop one of the skills we discussed that cropped up time and again was question technique. As any self-respecting salesperson will tell you, question technique is a key skill in the sales process. But it’s also a critical skill for managers too. Why? Because […]

Attitude problems?

A is for Attitude I often hear managers criticising a team member’s attitude, “they have an attitude problem!” But what do they actually mean? What behaviours convey someone’s attitude? Often it’s their enthusiasm for the job, the way they support their colleagues, how they talk to customers. But, before considering your team’s attitude, let’s consider […]

Keeping Commitments

I’m involved in two training programmes this week where I’m making reference to the emotional bank account, and in particular the importance of keeping commitments. When everyone is so busy (and probably quite hot and bothered at the moment to boot) it can be easy for little things to get missed. Whether this is with […]

The employee journey

Mapping your employee journey Tomorrow I’m delivering a workshop for a small hotel group on delivering excellent events. Inevitably we will be spending a fair proportion of the workshop discussing and reviewing the customer journey. And in my book, the employee journey is just as important. Getting this wrong can have a massive negative impact […]