Glass half full or glass half empty?

How employee engagement impacts When you get home from work how long does it normally take to sense what sort of mood everyone is in? If you’ve said “almost immediately”, you’ll find the same is true in the workplace. That is, everyone’s moods are evident to those around them – be they their manager or […]

Continuous improvements

Making Continuous Improvements When I’m working with clients on developing their service culture and refining their customer experience, it’s inevitable it’s going to involve making changes. It’s often been said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”,* These changes usually involve changes for team […]

Normal (Customer) Service is resumed

Normal (Customer) Service is resumed. Is it back to business as usual this week? Whether you’re drawing breath at the end of your busiest season, or just back from your well-earned summer break it’s all too easy to drift back into things without much focus or purpose. Which inevitably has an impact on employee engagement, […]

Hello, I’m Caroline

Build rapport using names Do you remember the TV series Cheers? And the theme tune “… where everyone knows your name” Using someone’s name is a powerful way to build rapport. According to Dale Carnegie, author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”  “… any person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and […]

Someone could have told us

Make briefings part of your service culture Have you noticed how often in successful sports teams you get to see the whole team huddle together for a quick team talk? Is this just something that’s relevant to sports? No, of course not. When I’m consulting with businesses assisting them with upping their customer experience or […]

How to Handle Complaints ~ Will you have to ask a manager?

Are your team confident to handle complaints? Last week I met up with a friend in my favourite local coffee shop. Being the school holidays they were busier than normal, and we both expected that, and it was fine. What wasn’t fine was that the usual smiling, happy and efficient service was gone, and the […]

38 customer service training ideas to keep your team engaged all summer long

Here are 38 of my favourite customer service training ideas, so you can keep your team engaged, fresh and focused on delivering a fab customer experience all summer long Now we’re well into the summer and – if you run a hospitality, leisure or tourism business – maybe your busiest time of year, how do […]

How trust impacts customer experience

Last week I gave a short presentation at our local Institute of Directors meeting. It was only 4 minutes, but it’s surprising what you can fit into that time. I spoke about pride. Being recognised at work so you can be proud of your contribution can have a massive impact on employee engagement, and all […]