The accepted norm

I sometimes see managers getting very frustrated that people in their team aren’t contributing as much as they’d like. They know, or at least suspect, they are capable of more, but for some reason some people are just not taking responsibility for making decisions or getting things done. Ask how they see their role?  They […]

Tapping into Potential

One of the key areas of focus for many of my clients is how to increase the retention of their key people. They are worried about not tapping into their potential and ultimately losing them, which inevitably has a knock-on effect on customer service, productively and profit. Sadly, some business owners stick their head in […]

Systems and resources

Day 10 in my 12 days of Christmas mini blog series 10. Systems and resources How often have we heard the phrase “I’m sorry, the system won’t allow me to do that.”? Do you have any systems in place which make life difficult for your team members? Poor systems can be frustrating for team members, […]

Seeing strengths

Day 7 in my 12 days of Christmas mini blog series 7. Seeing strengths January is often a time to catch up on staff training. Rather than merely trying to fix weaknesses (which makes everyone mediocre in everything) look back at where individual team members have shown specific strengths. By focusing on people’s strengths we’re […]