Creating Conscious Incompetence

Get a return on your investment in customer service training by helping people move up the Conscious Competence Learning Model Have you ever had the task of changing the behaviour of one of your team members who thinks they know it all? I think we’ve all encountered such people who are blissfully unaware of their […]

Actions Speak Louder than Words

When working with businesses on improving their customer experience and supporting their customer service training one of the messages I stress is how our actions speak louder than words. Everything you do in your business sends out a message. Not just to your customers, but to your team too. Being a role model We all […]

But, we’ve always done it this way

One aspect of customer service training which can be really frustrating is when the people you’re training are stuck in the past and their old ways of doing things. We’ve all heard the comment “But, we’ve always done it this way!” There’s a whole host of reasons why people might be reluctant to change. And […]

“That’s not my job”

A true service culture is more than just a sheep dip customer service training exercise for your front line team. Service is everyone’s responsibility It’s part of your DNA and reflected in everything you do. A bit like a stick of rock – no matter where you break it the core message is still the […]

Show your team some love

You might be doing all the right customer service training, but however much you invest in the training, unless you show your team you care about them as much as you care about your customers and your bottom line they are unlikely to demonstrate the behaviours and deliver the customer experience you’d hope. I believe […]

What great looks like

Do your team know what great looks like? As part of your customer service training by defining what great customer service looks like the better your team understand your end goal and the easier it will be for them to deliver the customer experience you are aiming for. It’s not just about the behaviours you […]

If you don’t want wasted time and effort

When carrying out customer service training as well as sharing knowledge (e.g. about your products) we are developing skills, and skills require practice and feedback to get them right and build confidence. During the training you would have established the standards, your expectations, and hopefully people will have had a chance to practise their skills […]

Old habits die hard

You know that frustration you feel when you ask someone in your team to do something differently, and although you know they know what to do for some reason they just don’t do it! I managed to stall my car twice yesterday! Not because I don’t know how to drive. It’s simply that I’d got […]

Seeing some results

One quick win for you when you’ve delivered customer service training is to agree on some specific actions you’d like to see as a result of the training. Get your team’s commitment to these actions and allow them time to talk through how they’re going to achieve them and anything that might be standing in […]