Conscious competence and how to move beyond it

Developing unconscious competence When we learn we start at unconscious incompetence, working through conscious incompetence and conscious competence towards unconscious competence. Last week I was reviewing progress as a result of some training I’ve been conducting with some managers – helping them get the best from their team, who are all customer facing. I love […]

How am I doing? Conducting effective 1-1 meetings

Conducting effective 1:1 meetings Conducting effective 1-1 meetings is an essential skills for any manager. Never under estimate the impact of sitting down regularly with each member of staff on a one to one basis. Whether you call them “one to one meetings”, “reviews” or simply “chats” really doesn’t matter; the important thing is that […]

How to engage and motivate your team

Engaging and motivating your team on their return from their Christmas break When you get home from work can you normally sense what sort of mood everyone else is in? Even when no words are spoken it’s usually pretty easy to tell. Our moods and emotions are usually evident to others from our expressions, behaviours […]

Strengths Appraisal

Here’s an exercise you can carry out with your team to recognise their strengths. First, make a list of the members of your team and consider each one personally: What is he/she really good at? What does he/she love to do? When do you see him/her working really well? What is his/her greatest talent? What […]

Maintaining service standards however busy you are!

Maintaining service standards when busy Maintaining service standards when you’re busy is just as important as it is at any other time. Is a customer any less important to you when you’re busy than when you’re quiet? They certainly shouldn’t be; and from the customer’s perspective, they expect to get the same positive customer experience when […]

Keeping your team engaged over Christmas

Keeping your team engaged over Christmas, and keeping your customers happy too! If you run a business that depends heavily on Christmas trade (or have peaks of activity at any time of year) a lot will hang on how good your customers’ experience during this time. And if your team are feeling the pressure, if […]

Getting out of a skid

Service Recovery One frosty morning a few weeks ago I was driving to an early morning meeting. I’d negotiated the local country lanes without incident, but just after joining the main road my car went sliding into a skid. Thankfully nothing was coming in the opposite direction and I recovered the situation and regained control. […]

Is Anyone Listening to Customer Feedback

How to handle customer feedback and avoid adverse reviews. Are you listening to customer feedback? Last week someone posted on LinkedIn a cringe-worthy letter she’s been sent by the CEO of an airline following her complaint at having to wait 11 months for a refund, with no apology, no empathy and no acknowledgement. Although not […]

Managing Expectations

Managing expectations isn’t always easy. So what can you do to manage your customers’ expectations? Have you ever had that experience on your birthday or Christmas when you’re all excited about opening a beautifully presented gift, only to find what’s inside is a real disappointment? Or you’ve waited patiently for the delivery of that new […]