A Crazy Commitment

Creating a Service Culture If you’ve been following me for any length of time you’ll know I love sharing ideas and tips to help you engage your team and/or make your customers experience even better. So earlier this week I made a crazy commitment… That I would share a video a day for 26 days on […]

Delivering Customer Service Skills in House

I sometimes hear managers and even business owners commenting: “What’s the point in training people if they then leave?” They might also ask the question the other way round, and ask “What if I don’t train them and they stay”! A lack of investment in your team might even be the very reason they leave. […]

Customer service training ideas to freshen up refreshers

21 customer service training ideas to help freshen up your refreshers If January is a quieter month for you now might the time to address your refresher training. Refresher training is important in any area, and customer service is no exception. Without reminders it’s easy for service to stagnate and standards to slip. Consistency in […]

Big Rocks

Complaint handling  – It’s all too easy to wait until something has gone wrong to discover your team are not that confident or competent in dealing with complaints, only to end up with a niggling customer complaint escalating into a major problem. That’s because it’s all too easy to let these proactive (big rocks) shift down […]

Don’t kid yourself you’ll remember

Customer Retention and Employee Retention post-Christmas I know planning for next Christmas (or any other busy period) is probably the last thing on your mind just now. But if we don’t take stock now of how this year has gone, we’ll be missing out on the opportunity to learn from the experience. Don’t kid yourself […]

Improving Employee Productivity

Getting the best from your seasonal team When Christmas is an exceptionally busy time for your business this of course presents a huge opportunity for you. But if you’re left with insufficient manpower, or temporary staff who simply aren’t up to the job, this can leave your existing team stretched and unable to meet your […]