Using the Coaching model GROW

Using a coaching model in managing performance In last week’s managing performance masterclass one of the principles we discussed was to identify when your team need support. One indication of this is when they say “I can’t do this” or after the event when they say “I didn’t have time”. There can be many reasons […]


Retraining?  I was wrong about this Firstly, to remind you my Managing Performance Masterclass is only a week away. Who in your management/supervisory team would benefit from support with how they manage the performance of their team? When I worked in the corporate world I ran management development workshops nearly every week. Every now and […]

Planning Development

Planning Development based on strengths and stretch Normally around this time of year many businesses review training and planning development for their team. Should this year be any different? If you are closed and have team members on furlough or any of your team are working from home, people have more time on their hands, […]

Time ~ Don’t throw away your most valuable resource

Time. The most precious resource we have. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Despite the latest lockdown, it would be such a waste to let ourselves stand still or fritter away time if your business is closed again. After just two weeks of late nights and sleeping in late, getting up again at my ‘normal’ time […]

Systems and resources

Day 9 in my 12 days of Christmas mini blog series 9. Systems and resources How often have we heard the phrase “I’m sorry, the system won’t allow me to do that.”? Do you have any systems in place which make life difficult for your team members? Poor systems can be frustrating for team members, […]