Setting Expectations

When your team start returning to work you’ll need to be setting expectations. The chances are some of the responsibilities and priorities will change. Determine what needs doing, who is best placed to do it and then set your expectations. This is something we discussed on last week’s Lessons in Leadership programme and here is […]


You may not feel there is much to celebrate right now if your business is closed. But I believe we can all find small mercies to be grateful for, whether it’s the fine weather we’ve had during most of the lockdown, the convenience of modern technology to keep in touch, or simply having some downtime […]

Personal Development ~ the perfect opportunity

Personal development planning There are only so many hours you can spend binge watching on Netflix or catching up on your favourite soap. With many now having time on their hands it’s a fantastic opportunity for personal development; something which often takes a back seat in the day to day hubbub of the business. With […]