Measuring Employee Engagement

Measuring employee engagement. Poor engagement is costing businesses millions, but if you don’t measure it how can you manage it? As a business owner understandably you’re focused on sales and growth. Most business owners I work with are too. But I also see many letting money slip through their fingers unnoticed. Profits they could retain with […]

How to Review Induction

Don’t be lazy when reviewing induction I was chatting with someone yesterday about getting employee feedback to gauge how they are feeling. We talked specifically about getting feedback during someone’s induction. You and I both know the importance of a good induction programme, so that new employees can: Get up to speed in their role […]

Perceptual Positions

Seeing different perspectives Where do you first see the red dot in relation to the Perspex box? Last week I was running a communication skills workshop for a small hotel group, to help improve communication between the sales teams and operations teams. One of the principles we discussed was the importance of seeing things from […]

Onboarding new team members

A couple of weeks’ ago I was a guest panellist on Corecruitment’s recruitment webinar. One common theme is the challenge of recruiting and retaining good staff. When it comes to retention, having gone to the effort and expense of finding a good fit, don’t waste this by poor onboarding, only to have the employee leave […]

Creating a Learning Culture

Can we really learn from mistakes? Creating a learning culture starts with accepting people will make mistakes. Providing we’re able to spot the mistake, make the effort to understand the mistake and be open to learning from it. And the same applies with your team. Let me explain… I was at a conference recently where […]

Making Changes

Last week I warned against making lots of changes early on when moving into a new role. However no business stands still and there will times when changes really are necessary. These might be simply to comply with legislation, or respond to customers’ changing expectations, making efficiencies through new technology, or to inject new energy, […]