Is your customers’ experience in for a dive?

  It’s that time of year again when instead of looking forward to their annual holiday so many managers and business owners dread the prospect of being away from their business. And of course if you can’t trust your team to do a good job when you’re not there is little doubt you’ll have concerns […]

Are you losing your customers?

I find it quite ironic to be writing this post just a few days after the New Horizons probe has managed to make it several billion miles to Pluto without getting lost. But, if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll have driven somewhere confident that your sat nav will get you there safely. And when […]

Exceeding customer expectations with GLUE

I often refer to GLUE with my clients or when I’m delivering customer service training. According to Gartner, by 2016, 89% of businesses will compete mostly on customer experience. G.L.U.E, is the practice of giving little unexpected extras to exceed expectations. Doing the little signature things that can make a big difference. Stan Phelps in […]

Butts, Brand and Buyers’ Remorse

So what might cigarette butts have to do with your brand and buyers’ remorse? Well bear with me on that. Wouldn’t you agree that your brand isn’t what you tell people it is; it’s what the customer perceives it to be? The other day as I was returning home a liveried delivery van (i.e. the […]

Lessons in Loyalty

This week my husband and I have been celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. So I’ve been reflecting on the lessons we can learn from a successful marriage that can be applied equally to a successful customer relationship, ultimately leading to customer loyalty and retention. 5 themes immediately came to mind. 1. Show you care Taking time to […]

Handling Complaints

I’ve had a month of complaints! No, not in the way you might think… But helping a number of clients establish the best way of Handling complaints, whether that be through staff training, gathering feedback to establish the cause or establishing systems to prevent them in the first place. It seems counter intuitive, but as […]

Learn from Complaints

Here’s a little 5 stage checklist you may find useful in handling a complaint effectively, so you learn from complaints  irrespective of the cause: Listen Empathise Agree on an acceptable solution Restore trust Next steps Let’s look at each stage in more detail Listen It can be easy to get defensive when you receive feedback, particularly […]

Can a leopard change his spots?

It really doesn’t matter how much time and effort you invest in customer service training if you don’t have the right people in the first place! Having a happy, motivated and productive team is critical to delivering great customer service. Your team can be your point of differentiation so what is the secret to having […]

How to say I love you to your team

With Valentines’ Day tomorrow everyone is talking about loving your customers. And course that’s important. But, unless your team feel valued and loved they’re not likely to give their best and to deliver the type of customer experience either you or your customers expect. A loved team is an engaged team. So how can you […]