Seasonal Staffing

Just because you’re busy or you have temporary staff, don’t let this be an excuse for a poor customer experience or inferior customer service. Your regulars don’t care! Busy or not, whether it’s Christmas and you’re rushed off your feet, or your manager is taking time off, your customers expect consistency. So if you’re taking […]

Would a poor customer experience make your customers cancel their membership?

My friend Julie just cancelled her gym membership, and it’s flagged up 5 important lessons on how to retain your valued customers. You see for me ‘membership’ is all about getting access to something that non-members don’t get. She’d been going to the same Saturday morning class now for over 10 years, maybe even 12 or 13. […]

How to engage with customers before they arrive to give a better customer experience

  Making the effort to connect and engage with your customers before they even arrive can lead to an all-round better experience, not just for your customer, but for you too.   First impressions are formed way before your customers walk into your business or even pick up the phone. From the moment they find […]