Building Confidence in Service Skills

To get a return on our investment in customer service training we need to build the confidence of the team. People who feel they will be praised for good results are more likely to do tasks willingly in the first place. And far more likely to try out new skills if they know they’ll be […]

Are you trying to get more business the hard way?

Last weekend we took a break to Istanbul. If you’ve ever been there you’ll know that like so many tourist areas you have to run the gauntlet to get through the mass of eager restaurateurs, carpet sellers and ceramics stallholders. The trouble is they’re all just trying too hard to get our attention without even […]

Have you been an April fool?

Your team represent your company. Whilst some of their actions might bring massive value to your business there may be those who have the potential to do more harm than good unless they’ve had the right customer service training. Here are ten reasons why you’d be a fool not to invest in training your team […]

Have you sussed what makes your team ‘tick’?

Two of my workshops this month have focused on employee engagement. What’s that got to do with the customer experience you ask? ….Well, have you ever had a good customer experience when served by someone who wasn’t engaged? This post has now moved You can read it here  

A Ray of Sunshine

I wasn’t in the best of spirits when I boarded the train home from Manchester yesterday. I’d already been kicking myself I hadn’t booked a taxi from my client’s premises as when I left it was pouring with rain; so naturally there wasn’t a cab in sight. Arriving at the station with only minutes to […]