Attracting talent for a good customer experience

At our local Institute of Directors event last week we discussed the topic of attracting and retaining talent in a tight market. Of course having the right people on board is imperative for achieving a good customer experience. Not having sufficient people with the right skills will obviously impact service delivery. But the way that […]

A first-hand experience

How often do you or any of your team put yourselves in your customers’ shoes? Is it built into your customer service training? I’m often amazed how frequently I come across employees who only know their tiny little bit of the customer journey, having never experienced anything else the customer gets to see or hear. […]

It all stems from the top

I’ve been starkly reminded this month just how important it is to be a role model for your team. I’ve been in a couple of businesses recently where, although the managers and senior team are completely bought into the importance of delivering memorable customer service, sadly that ethos has not filtered down to the line […]

Maybe the next time?

I love this little story I found in the paper the other day. It demonstrates perfectly what can happen when you don’t set your expectations. Even with the most enthusiastic team, unless you give them customer service training explaining your own standards for handling customer complaints sadly even the best intentions might not quite meet […]

Trust your team and pass the baton

Watching the relay team in the World Athletics Championship last weekend reminded me of a recent meeting with a law firm, when we were chatting about the solicitors and partners trusting their team. A trusted team is one of my 5 key components of a 5 star customer experience. And here’s why… When we have […]

How to engage your team in customer service

How engaged are your team in customer service? Customer service and the customer experience are dependent on your team. The customer’s perception of service is only as good as their last experience! If you’d like to explore more activities to engage your team in customer service you’ll find 28 activities here

Is your customers’ experience in for a dive?

  It’s that time of year again when instead of looking forward to their annual holiday so many managers and business owners dread the prospect of being away from their business. And of course if you can’t trust your team to do a good job when you’re not there is little doubt you’ll have concerns […]