Power to the People

I’ve just returned from speaking at the Hospitality.next conference in Athens. In my presentation I shared my 7 low-cost strategies to wow customers and keep them coming back for more. I asked the audience for their feedback on which of the 7 strategies they felt they need to focus on most to improve their customers’ […]

Closed for lunch

When we were in Italy last month I was surprised at just how many shops still close for lunch; even in tourist towns. But, the as the saying goes: “when in Rome….” But back here in the UK I am still surprised – even shocked – at just how many businesses are either not open […]

7 Customer Care Strategies to Woo and Wow your Valued Guests

  We all know it’s far easier to get more business from our existing customers than it is to rely on a constant stream of new business. But unless we have a strategy and infrastructure in place were leaving a lot to chance. Here are “7 Customer Care Strategies to Woo and Wow your Valued Guests […]

It’s more than just a questionnaire

You know that moment when you ask someone for their feedback or opinion and they say one thing, but you hear from their hesitation or in their tone that they think something different? Well, that’s the beauty of face to face feedback. So often when I discuss with clients how they gather customer feedback they […]

Building Confidence in Service Skills

To get a return on our investment in customer service training we need to build the confidence of the team. People who feel they will be praised for good results are more likely to do tasks willingly in the first place. And far more likely to try out new skills if they know they’ll be […]