I can’t do that

What does it mean when they say “I can’t do that”? Here’s a scenario I’m sure you’re familiar with – when you ask someone to do something and they tell you “I can’t do that!” But, what do they really mean? Let’s imagine it’s a member of your team. You ask them if they can […]

When you stop noticing the cracks

Making Improvements The longer you leave things the more likely they become the accepted norm, and the less likely improvements happen. It’s just over 30 years since we moved into our house. There aren’t many things we haven’t changed; the whole layout of the rooms, we’ve added an extension and we’ve extended into the roof […]

ROI on your training and development

Last week I met with a client as a follow up to a development programme I ran for his management team last year, to ensure they were going to get an ROI on their training and development. The review was due to happen in December, just 2 weeks’ after the last module. Operational issues got […]

10 ways to show your team some love

Show your team some love ❤️ Do you remember as a teenager how important it was to get at least one Valentine’s card? And how awful it felt if you got none! Did this mean nobody loved you? Maybe these days we don’t need a wad of Valentine’s cards to know we are cared for. […]


Retraining?  I was wrong about this Before we get on to Retraining, a reminder my Managing Performance Masterclass is on Wednesday 16th February. Who in your management/supervisory team would benefit from support or retraining on how they manage the performance of their team? When I worked in the corporate world I ran management development workshops […]