Yes, but …

Earlier this week I was conducting some complaint handling training for one of my clients. It’s not an unusual reaction when faced with a complaint – particularly when you believe it’s unjustified, or it’s not your fault – to listen politely, but then respond with “yes, but…” Of course, as soon as the customer hears […]

Off to a Flying Start

Earlier this week I spoke at The Horticultural Trades Association Catering Conference on attracting and retaining superstars. Of the 7 key ingredients I discussed one focused on giving new team members the red carpet treatment and creating a positive first impression, so they feel valued and engaged from day one. In last week’s blog I […]

Employee Engagement Starts Here

Nearly every business owner I know lists recruiting and retaining good staff high on their list of priorities. Having gone to the effort and expense of finding a good fit, don’t waste this by poor induction. The first few days and weeks in any job will determine how that person feels about your business and […]

Mixing Things Up

“Talking it through in our group I’ve now got some brilliant ideas.” “It was great talking to others and realising they have the same challenges” “I now have a better understanding of xx department, and know what I can do to make both our lives easier” “It was great to get someone else’s perspective, as […]


If you’re anything like me, you love having an excuse to celebrate. Today happens to be my wedding anniversary, and at 33 years I think that’s cause to celebrate. Marking special occasions is a great way to engage both customers and team members. Recognising a personal milestone, proud moment or a significant event shows you […]