Going the extra mile for your hotel guests

What can you do to make their onward journey all the easier? Assisting with online airline check-in, arranging taxis, looking up train times, printing out directions for the onward journey; checking the travel updates; looking up an updated weather forecast of their next destination; and doing all of these things the night before they leave […]

The last hurdle

The level of service a guest receives should be maintained right the way through to leaving the car park at the end of their stay. Breakfast on their last day should be memorable for the right reasons; consistent service and being mindful of people’s travel plans and not wanting to be held up. Offering a […]

Finishing touches for your hotel guests

Identify the little finishing touches that you can give guests at the end of their stay that will leave them with that wow factor. This might be picking up on an earlier conversation you’ve had with the guest that enables you to give them a personalised memento of their stay. For example, they raved about […]

Leaving a lasting impression

We’re all familiar with the sayings about a first impression: a first impression is a lasting impression, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, you only get one chance to make a first impression, it will form a lasting impression within the first seconds, etc. So does that mean if you […]

Educate the career influencers (part 3)

Parents, teachers, college lecturers, and careers advisers all have a part to play in influencing future careers. What perception do they have of accommodation management? Let’s do all we can to educate them. And unlike my own experiences, let’s do all we can to ensure that accommodation management is given the profile it deserves within […]

Raising the profile of accommodation management (part 2)

Maintaining a reputation as a good employer, and publicising this, all helps to raise the profile of a career in housekeeping. Look at what gets into the press about the industry as a whole, including social media (as well as looking at what our teams are saying about us on social media). Recognise and reward the […]

Changing the perception of accommodation management (part 1)

It’s no doubt that housekeeping is seen as the Cinderella of the industry. But why should this be? Accommodation generally contributes the lion share of the profit, and cleanliness always ranks in the top one or two non-negotiable from guests. According to People 1st and the Labour Force Survey there are 64,200 housekeepers in the […]

What’s so different about your hotel, then?

Unless you have a USP or some point of differentiation, what will make your hotel or restaurant stand out above all the rest in your area, or competing for the same market? Some can rely on their location, or the building, or history. But what if your hotel or restauarnt has none of that? One […]

Getting your team on board for their performance reviews.

Getting them on board for a staff one to one. One to ones should be a two way discussion. Ask open questions to get their ideas on performance and how to move forward. When giving feedback on their performance use the AID model: A  Action what they did – i.e. what you have seen or […]

Planning your team one to ones.

What’s on the agenda for your staff one to ones. The agenda doesn’t need to be written in tablets of stone, but it’s good to follow a basic structure so you both know what to expect and can plan accordingly. Linking back to your objectives there are some key elements to include, all of which […]