Is anyone guilty of faking great customer service in their hospitality business?

A trip to my local garden centre yesterday was going so well. The girl who helped us knew her stuff and was very helpful in helping us find what I wanted. She went out of her way to suggest things and help us find them in the store. All great service up till that point. […]

Creating rapport with your hospitality business customers

Yesterday, we looked at the principles of building rapport, be that with customers, staff or suppliers within your hospitality business.   Words What we actually talk about and the words we use will go some way to building rapport, so listen out for the terminology others use and try to use their terms rather than […]

How to achieve great rapport for your hospitality business

Yesterday, we looked at why rapport is important. Today we’ll discuss how to get into rapport with your customers be they a hotel guest or restaurant diners or anyone else you deal with to a run a successful hospitality business. Think of people with whom you already have great rapport.  What is it you do, […]

Why is rapport important for your hospitality business?

How is it that we are able to just ‘click’ with some people, and with others it’s a real uphill struggle?  When I’m training I frequently get asked to help delegates establish rapport.  In hospitality – whether you are in a hotel, restaurant, café, spa or conference centre, the ability to build rapport is key. […]

Educate and build credibility through your mailing list

Depending on the nature of your target market you could use your mailing list to engage with your customers by sharing your knowledge. For example: Ask your head chef to provide a recipe of the month, tips on baking the perfect meringue or crusty bread, a buyers’ guide to choosing fresh fish recipe ideas based […]