More than just a headache

I don’t normally write about personal stuff but as this week is National migraine week and I’m a long-term sufferer I thought this was a great opportunity to educate those who are affected by friends and colleagues or employees who suffer from migraine. Also to promote some of the excellent achievements from the National Migraine […]

What’s Usain Bolt’s relay baton got to do with customer loyalty?

Jamaican hero Usain Bolt was eventually given back the baton that he and his team-mates ran with to win the Olympic 4x100m men’s relay on Saturday night. It was quite understandable that he’d want to keep a trophy as a reminder of the record breaking race. Do any of your customers feel the same about […]

Engage with your customers and make them feel valued

Look at me! I don’t mean this in a ‘look at me, aren’t I wonderful’ way. What I mean is, ‘Oy, look at me when I’m talking to you!’ Yesterday I overheard a market stall holder moaning about the lack of business. I was buying from him and therefore providing him with some of that […]

Do you love your customers?

I’ve recently starting working with a new client. This was a referral, and led me into a sector of the industry I’ve not worked in before. But, you know what, I’ve loved working with them. Do you know why? Because everyone I’ve dealt with has the same values and we’ve hit it off from day […]

What we can do to get kids hooked to the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry

  OK, I’m hooked If anyone had suggested to me a month ago that I’d devote the best part of a sunny summer weekend to watching road cycle racing in preference to gardening I’d have thought them mad! But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Seeing our boys in the Tour de France was the […]

Find your passion

Working in a business you don’t enjoy, especially when it’s your own can be soul destroying enough in its own right, but it’s bound to impact on your customers too. If you’ve no passion for your hospitality or leisure business and share no common interests with your customers isn’t it time to do something about […]

Are you wasting sales opportunities in your restaurant or pub?

Are you wasting sales opportunities in your restaurant or pub? Yesterday I went to wave on the Olympic Torch as it passed us by in our nearby town. After parking a good 20 minutes walk away and standing in the rain for 20 minutes I was certainly ready for a cup of coffee, as I’m […]

Do you ever fail your hotel guests in the end?

Imagine this…. You’ve had a fantastic time. You’ve been well cared for, attended to with fantastic hospitality. Your meal was wonderful, the evening was relaxed and all your friends, family, clients or colleagues have had a good time. But then it all turns sour. It’s time to go home and you want to pay. But […]

Keep your customer informed

I’m still waiting. I’m still waiting for something I ordered two months ago. Now I accept that things go wrong. Sometimes an order gets misplaced. Sometimes you run out of stock. Sometimes there are delivery or staff issues in getting the product to the customer. But two months without so much as an apology? I […]