Who are your salesmen (and Women)? Part 2

Yesterday in Part 1, we talked about how the scene is being set for the first impression of your business and also who contributes towards it,  today it is about increasing knowledge and skill base and how this will help contribute to improve your sales in all roles within your business.   Knowledge In order to sell, upsell, or […]

Who are your salesmen (and women)? – Part 1

Over the next few days you will read about how you can get the best from your staff and find out how they could improve sales within your business. When I’m delivering customer service or sales training in hotels or hospitality businesses I often ask the question; “Who here has a responsibility for selling?” Obviously all […]

Retain your Talent (part 4)

Keep talking Give constructive feedback -what have they done well and how it has contributed; where they have fallen short and how this can be improved. Communication is a two-way process, not only do people need to know what’s going on, they want to be heard. Daily briefings need to include what’s happening that could […]

Give your talent a feeling of security (part 3)

I’ve worked with a number of businesses recently who have had to make cuts and changes. This makes people uncomfortable, and so when another opportunity comes along, they jump at the chance if they feel it has better long term security. Communicate any changes that are happening in the business before they happen, and how […]

Give people a reason to stay (part 2)

Yesterday we looked at why staff leave. Today we focus on positive reasons to stay Recognition and reward If the reason they give is more money look to see how your rates compare with the competition (bearing in mind for some roles your competitor for staff may be in totally different industries). But also look […]

Hanging onto Talent (part 1)

I was at hoteliers’ meeting recently, where one of the topics of conversation was finding good quality staff, in particular chefs. We already know that there is a lack of new talent entering the industry so it’s important that we hang on to our best people. The hospitality industry has always had one of the […]

Show you appreciate your guests’ custom

Your relationship shouldn’t end the minute they walk out the door. Keep in touch with your guests. The first and most obvious way to make contact with them after they’ve left is to write and thank them for their business. Not a mass produced impersonal e-mail, but a personalised letter sent by good old-fashioned snail […]

Going the extra mile for your hotel guests

What can you do to make their onward journey all the easier? Assisting with online airline check-in, arranging taxis, looking up train times, printing out directions for the onward journey; checking the travel updates; looking up an updated weather forecast of their next destination; and doing all of these things the night before they leave […]

The last hurdle

The level of service a guest receives should be maintained right the way through to leaving the car park at the end of their stay. Breakfast on their last day should be memorable for the right reasons; consistent service and being mindful of people’s travel plans and not wanting to be held up. Offering a […]

Finishing touches for your hotel guests

Identify the little finishing touches that you can give guests at the end of their stay that will leave them with that wow factor. This might be picking up on an earlier conversation you’ve had with the guest that enables you to give them a personalised memento of their stay. For example, they raved about […]