Five easy ways to reward your team

……..and bring a smile to their face, that won’t cost you a fortune in bonuses or incentives. People are often referred to as a business’s most valued asset and in experience-based businesses more than any your team can make or break the customers’ experience.  They are certainly also one of your biggest overheads. Are you […]

Who’s talking about you behind your back?

‘There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.’ Oscar Wilde So what do you do to get your customers (or your team, suppliers or joint venture partners) talking about you? There’s nothing like a glowing review, testimonial or referral to endorse your business. Pick […]

Have you written all your thank you letters yet?

As many parents know at this time of year you often have to nag relentlessly to get your children to write their Christmas thank you letters. But have you been setting the right example? Have you written to everyone who’s given up their time and money to do business with you either over Christmas or […]

Who will hold you accountable so you achieve your goals?

Your Best Year Ever ~ Goal Setting for 2012 Step 6 ~ KEEPING ON TRACK   Congratulations you have finished your best year ever process.  Just for a moment consider how much time you have just spent creating the coming year the way you absolutely want it.  My guess is about 1 -2 hours and […]

What Do You Need to Do Differently to Achieve Your Best Year Ever

Step 3 ~ RULES FOR SUCCESS   Yesterday’s exercise probably wasn’t as pleasant as the previous part of the exercise but that is OK; we can now extract learnings from what you didn’t achieve so that you can ensure you make the next 12 months different. So we’re now going to identify your ‘Rules for […]