Planning your team one to ones.

What’s on the agenda for your staff one to ones. The agenda doesn’t need to be written in tablets of stone, but it’s good to follow a basic structure so you both know what to expect and can plan accordingly. Linking back to your objectives there are some key elements to include, all of which […]

Do you dread staff one to one review meetings?

Why are ‘One to Ones’ so valuable for you, your staff, and your business…..? Some see staff 1:1 reviews simply as a chore. Never under estimate the impact of sitting down with each member of staff on a one to one basis. A good starting point to get the best from them has to be […]

Make something happen as a result of your training

Here’s the last in the series of posts on getting hospitality staff engaged in training. Involve the group There’s nothing worse than a chalk and talk ‘lecture’. Get everyone’s involvement as much as possible. Start with an ice breakers to get everyone relaxed, but also ask what they want to get out of the training. […]

Make training memorable

Yesterday I talked about planning your training to ensure you deliver something that is engaging for your team. Today we focus on the format, and what to consider to ensure they stay awake the whole session! Any training needs a format to make it easy to follow. We are all familiar with the structure of […]

How to get hospitality staff engaged in training

There’s nothing more frustrating for a trainer to see a sea of glum faces in front of them, and know that the minute the delegates walk out of the meeting room it will be back to business as normal, acting on nothing they’ve heard in the training. And when staff training is so important to […]

What Will Help You Achieve Your Hotel’s Best Year Ever

Step 3 ~ RULES FOR SUCCESS   Yesterday’s exercise probably wasn’t as pleasant as the previous part of the exercise but that is OK; we can now extract learnings from what you didn’t achieve so that you can ensure you make the next 12 months different. So we’re now going to identify your ‘Rules for […]