Build confidence in others

This is part two of this week blog ‘Building Confidence’: Limiting confidence just to your own abilities comes over as arrogance and failing to express confidence in the capability of others becomes a self-filling prophecy. People soon pick it up when you fail to trust or allocate any responsibility to them, leaving them doubting their own […]

How to Build Your Team’s Confidence

Are you a glass half full or glass half empty type of person? I’m sure we can all relate to the type of person who constantly looks at the downside of everything; the type of person who drains your energy and your enthusiasm the whole time; the ‘Mood Hoovers’ who suck the life out of […]

Red tape getting in the way of a good performance.

Yesterday’s blog was about time and people preventing a good performance, today it is about having the right system in place to support a good performance. Systems Having systems and procedures is usually a good thing. Having systems in place for when things go wrong is key if staff are to take responsibility for putting […]

Are your team dependant on others?

Time Not having enough time to do the job to standard can be very sole destroying for people, particularly when they want to do a good job, but they just don’t have the time to do that effectively.  Spend time with your staff to assess how long a task should take. And if it is […]

Bad workmen or poor tools?

Resources to get the job done The saying goes “a bad workman always blames his tools”. But is it always the workmen that are at fault? Today I had a delivery, and the poor driver was getting extremely frustrated with his hand held scanner.  He had to reset it twice before it showed the delivery […]

Using ‘criminally bad service’ examples to Improve Performance

Today is a guest blog from Ken Burgin who runs Profitable providing resources, strategies and solutions for food & beverage businesses. Bad news always attracts the most attention… So using examples of poor or shocking service can be an effective way to show staff the levels of good service you expect them to offer. […]

Who are your salesmen (and women)? Part 4

Today is about rounding up all that has been discussed this week on finding your salesmen and women. Give guidance, incentives and recognition Don’t assume because you’ve told people how to do something they will be able to just go out and deliver it consistently. Observe how your staff handle the sales or upselling conversation and […]

Who are your salesmen (and Women)? Part 3

Yesterday in Part 2,  it was all about gaining knowledge and skill to help the business overall,  today will be bringing together by confidence building with your staff.   Building Confidence It’s all very well knowing what to do and say, but you know how sometimes when you come to say something the words just don’t […]

Who are your salesmen (and Women)? Part 2

Yesterday in Part 1, we talked about how the scene is being set for the first impression of your business and also who contributes towards it,  today it is about increasing knowledge and skill base and how this will help contribute to improve your sales in all roles within your business.   Knowledge In order to sell, upsell, or […]

Who are your salesmen (and women)? – Part 1

Over the next few days you will read about how you can get the best from your staff and find out how they could improve sales within your business. When I’m delivering customer service or sales training in hotels or hospitality businesses I often ask the question; “Who here has a responsibility for selling?” Obviously all […]