Retraining?  I was wrong about this Before we get on to Retraining, a reminder my Managing Performance Masterclass is on Wednesday 16th February. Who in your management/supervisory team would benefit from support or retraining on how they manage the performance of their team? When I worked in the corporate world I ran management development workshops […]

Customer service training ideas to freshen up refreshers

21 customer service training ideas to help freshen up your refreshers If January is a quieter month for you now might the time to address your refresher training, and here are 21 customer service training ideas. Refresher training is important in any area, and customer service is no exception. Without reminders it’s easy for service […]

Improving Productivity Guest Blog

The power of smart systems for your business and improving productivity. Hotel management software company, Preno, shares why the right software has the power to revolutionise the way you work. Running a business with out-of-date tools can cost time, patience, and money. When daily tasks like stock-taking, bookings management, and reconciliation are done manually, they […]

Planning Peoples Development

10 questions to ask when planning people’s development On the workshop I was delivering last week on developing people, there were two specific points that prompted a lot of discussion when we talked about planning people’s development. So much so, that we decided to devote a whole follow up session to discuss these in more […]

Hello, I’m Caroline

Build rapport using names Do you remember the TV series Cheers? And the theme tune “… where everyone knows your name” This coming weekend I will be helping at a charity event ‘Bolt Round the Holt’ in aid of GUTS (Guildford Undetected Tumour Screening). I normally get involved with registration at this event, and thinking […]