How to earn trust

Why you need to earn trust According to a recent Harvard Review Survey 58 percent or people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. This is truly shocking. If your team don’t trust you, imagine what impact that can have on their performance, your staff turnover, your customers’ experience and your bottom line. If you […]

Mastering your Motivation

Four strategies for Mastering your Motivation Mastering your motivation and how you feel determines your behaviour, your results, and effects the people around you. If you want your team to be motivated it starts with you. Do you ever get those days when it seems the world is conspiring against you, when it’s a struggle […]

How people learn

Creating Conscious Incompetence to help people learn On last week’s Fresh Start programme one of the topics we discussed was how people learn, re-establishing our expectations and how we identify if someone is already up to standard. Something I’m sure a lot of managers will be doing as their teams return from furlough. As anyone […]