Principles of effective feedback

Here is the 4th and final post on How to Give Contructive Feedback, summarising the key principles.

Timing and planning
Feed back as soon after the event as you can, but ensuring

If they can argue with it – it’s poor feedback

Here is the third in my series on giving constructive feedback

Feedback Blockers
If people perceive themselves to be under attack they will make attempts to protect themselves. Here are some of the reactions you may need to be prepared for:

How to give constructive feedback

One way to overcome some of the barriers of giving feedback is to apply the S A I D model Standard When giving feedback, particularly on poor performance, it’s useful to know what you are benchmarking this against. If people don’t know what is expected of them, it is very easy to get defensive.  So establish […]

Feedback ~ The Breakfast of Champions

The giving and receiving of feedback is probably one of the most vital skills in management.  According to Ken Blanchard “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” Why Give Feedback People will not become great at their jobs unless they know where they are doing well, so they can keep on doing these things, and where […]

How staff incentives can contribute to your restaurant and hotel revenues

A little incentive for staff can go a long way in making your hotel successful.

Motivate and encourage your staff to sell more, while making guest service a priority. This is dependent on good training that gives staff the skills and confidence to do this in the right areas, so take the time to invest in this.

Being transparent and open about your restaurant or hotel business helps build trust and can be very eye-opening for staff. Ensure that your staff understand your

Are you leaving sales opportunities on the table?

If you are analysing your sales you’ll know what your average customer spend.  But do you know what percentage of your customers buy what products and services?  Unless you do you wont know where you are losing out on sales opportunities. For example of only 45% of your guests take breakfast, this leaves another 55% […]

Your customer mailing list is one of the most valuable assets of your hotel or restaurant.

Building a mailing list Your customer mailing list is one of the most valuable marketing assets of your hotel or restaurant. I am amazed how few hotels and restaurants use e-mail marketing. It’s never too late to start building a database, and e-mail marketing is a great way to continue to build the relationship with […]

Why having the best hotel, B&B or guest accommodation doesn’t guarantee you bookings.

Celebrating British Tourism will attract the crowds but will they stay at your hotel or B&B? Today is the start of British Tourism week (15th – 21st March) and the whole country is being promoted. This should mean an increase in awareness and enquiries for guest accommodation and holiday bookings. But how can hotel, B&B […]