The Value of Referrals

I’m having lunch today at Raymond Blanc’s restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. Of course I’d heard great things about the restaurant in the past, and have even met Raymond Blanc some years ago, but to be frank it probably was not on my priority list of places to go. Then last summer when I was […]

Twelve tips for leaving a positive lasting impression with meeting and conference delegates

You work hard enough to win your meeting and conference business, so it makes sense to leave a positive lasting impression and an incentive for them to return. A lot of effort goes into first impressions, but what sort of lasting impression are you leaving on your meeting and conference delegates? In my line of […]

Show me the light

When I turned up at my training venue the other day it was in darkness. I assumed that the room had no windows, but when I looked behind the curtain there was one huge window. Why on earth then would I want the curtains drawn and have to rely on artificial light all day? The […]

What do your staff say about your brand?

While I was in one of our local supermarkets yesterday I asked a member of staff where I could find peanuts. I’d already been to the aisle clearly marked ‘Salted Nuts’ but not a nut in sight, nor a member of staff. So by the time I found this staff member I was already getting […]

Hotel breakfast: Greatest Asset or Biggest Downfall?

Breakfast is frequently one of the last things your hotel guests experience before they check out, so is likely to leave a lasting impression. Even if we’ve got the quality of food and the menu balance right, how much effort goes into getting the service spot on? The chances are if you run a bed […]

Are you letting hotel bookings slip through your fingers?

The other day I was stood in the reception of the top Glasgow hotel. While I waited to check in the sole receptionist took a phone call. What I heard was “I’m sorry our wedding coordinator isn’t here at the moment. Can you call back in the morning?” Mmm, now I wonder if I would […]

Life’s too short ~ Find your passion

Whenever anything went wrong my mother always used to say “life’s too short”. Sadly in her case it was, and she died at the age of 65. My dad outlived her by nearly 17 years, but sadly he died last weekend aged 81. But both of them thankfully spent their latter years doing things that […]