Overcome your guests’ challenges

Listen to all the reasons people give for NOT staying, or limiting their stay with you. What other services you can provide that might just tip the balance in favour of that night out, overnight stay or weekend away. Think of the challenges your guests face, and how easily you could solve their problems: No […]

Be flexible and offer hotel guests alternatives

You can’t bow to every request a hotel guest ever makes. But don’t be so bound by the rules that any request is met with a hostile ‘jobsworth’ attitude! If you cannot meet your guests’ initial requests, look at offering an alternative: A guest wants an early breakfast, before your kitchen staff normally arrive – […]

Offer your hotel guests and restaurant customers a choice

Give your guests choice. This does not mean having 100 items on your breakfast menu or 40 types of pillow – but do give them a choice you can cope with. Again listen to what your customers tell you. In your restaurant, how often do people tell you they are too full for a dessert? […]

Listen to your guests and turn ‘no’ into ‘yes’

Have you ever stayed in a hotel or eaten in a restaurant where the staff and management have been so hell bent on the rules that it’s impossible to get what you want? I’m sure we all have. And will we ever go back there? I doubt it. But allowing the attitude that anything goes […]

How to waste your hotel marketing budget

Is your hotel making any of these mistakes…..? Last week my husband and I read a full page colour advert in one of the colour supplements for a holiday we’d been thinking about for a while. This was the Saturday paper and at lunchtime on Saturday I went to their website to find more details. […]

Hanging onto Talent ~ Part 5

Keep talking Give constructive feedback -what have they done well and how it has contributed; where they have fallen short and how this can be improved. Communication is a two-way process, not only do people need to know what’s going on, they want to be heard. Daily briefings need to include what’s happening that could […]

Hanging onto Talent ~ Part 4

Are you or your management team may be the reason that people leave your hotel?

Hanging onto Talent ~ Part 3

What is the impact of changes in your hotel business and how to minimise the disruption this brings.

Hanging onto Talent ~ Part 2

Recognition and reward When staff leave, if the reason they give is more money look to see how your rates compare with the competition (bearing in mind for some roles your competitor for staff may be in totally different industries). But also look at what benefits your staff are getting that they may not be […]

Hanging onto Talent ~ Part 1

We already know that there is a lack of new talent entering the industry so it’s important that we hang on to our best people. The hospitality industry has always had one of the highest labour turnover rates in all sectors of the economy, so are we just deluding ourselves if we think we can […]