Take the Customer Journey

How often do you put yourself in your customers’ shoes?  Taking the customer journey is something every business should do, not just hospitality businesses. But what does this mean for a hospitably business? It starts with the research, the booking and the journey. How easy it is to find you on line and then make […]

Show you listen to your guests

I’ve just been reading an email from an entrepreneur recounting her experiences of the lack or personalisation to a complaint she made following a recent visit to a restaurant. Every bit of feedback you get from your guests is valuable to you, whether it’s positive or negative and whether you agree with it or not. […]

Give your team authority

The more authority and skills you give your team, the better. Where I stayed last week I had a very noisy room. I reported this to reception on arrival, but they assured me the noise would stop when the kitchen extractors went off. They didn’t go off. I called again and finally the extractors died […]

Dealing with poor performance ~ Part 4

Eliminate the gap We said that the goal is to improve performance or prevent this happening again. This requires buy in and commitment from the other person. In order to change, there needs to be some incentive. The fear of the disciplinary process may be enough, but it is hardly motivating! Nor is it any […]

Dealing with poor performance ~ Part 3

Examine the reasons for the gap The only way to do this is to get the employee to talk the situation through by asking open-ended questions, and by listening. There may be a number of legitimate reasons why someone has not performed to standard.  Lack of resources, time pressures, insufficient training, bottlenecks in the system, […]

Dealing with poor performance ~ Part 2

Establish the Gap What is it they have done or failed to do? How does this compare with the standard or rules? What is the impact (actual or potential) of their actions? We should be focusing on actual behaviours – what we have seen or heard first hand. It’s very easy to haul someone into […]

Nip it in the bud ~ Dealing with poor performance ~ Part 1

Last week I listened to a feature on the radio talking about driving offences and whether or not people should lose their licences even if they are dependent on their car for their job. In the UK we have a points system that states that when you reach 12 points on your licence you should […]

Selecting an appropriate coaching style

Over the last couple of weeks I have written about using a coaching style to get the best from your team. This approach will have a different outcome depending on where people sit in the ‘skill will’ matrix. The skill will matrix looks at two dimensions. On the one hand it takes into account someone’s […]

A blog is for life, not just for Christmas! Ideas for your hotel or restaurant blog

Yesterday I presented via Skype to a group of delegates taking part in a social media workshop in Cape Town. I was asked for my ideas on blogging for hospitality businesses. So many hotels start off their blog with a bang and then their inspiration and their blog posts fizzle out. One thing that so […]

Do your staff need your direction all the time?

Have you ever noticed when you are away for a day or two, or even a few hours, your team seem to be able to solve their own problems?  Having to deal with every question or every problem your staff face can be draining for you and does little to develop your team. A couple […]