When was the last time you slept in one of your own hotel beds?

How practical are your hotel rooms? Unless you experience a night’s stay for yourself you wont be able to see what works and what doesn’t. I recently stayed in a very snazzy hotel, and it looked great, but when I met with my colleagues at breakfast we were all complaining that none of it was […]

Personal Touches that Increase Hotel Business

Google ‘personal touches’ and you get nearly 2.5 million listings. So how hard can it be to find something to do in your hotel to make a personal touch? It’s certainly the personal touches that can make an average stay into a truly memorable one. People want to be made to feel at home and […]

Do your hotel guests suffer from buyers’ remorse?

So you’ve got the booking. All you do now is wait for your guests to arrive. Right? No. I’m sure you, like me, have made purchases – maybe bought a new pair of shoes, ordered a new car, or booked a holiday – only to reflect afterwards if we’ve done the right thing. With a […]

Upselling made easy

My husband and I went for a long weekend last week. When we checked into our hotel our receptionist asked if we had a car in the car park. Would we like the car parking fee added to our bill? “Yes, please” came our reply. “I can upgrade you to a superior room for just […]

Principles of effective feedback

Here is the 4th and final post on How to Give Contructive Feedback, summarising the key principles.

Timing and planning
Feed back as soon after the event as you can, but ensuring