Selecting an appropriate coaching style

Over the last couple of weeks I have written about using a coaching style to get the best from your team. This approach will have a different outcome depending on where people sit in the ‘skill will’ matrix. The skill will matrix looks at two dimensions. On the one hand it takes into account someone’s […]

A blog is for life, not just for Christmas! Ideas for your hotel or restaurant blog

Yesterday I presented via Skype to a group of delegates taking part in a social media workshop in Cape Town. I was asked for my ideas on blogging for hospitality businesses. So many hotels start off their blog with a bang and then their inspiration and their blog posts fizzle out. One thing that so […]

Do your staff need your direction all the time?

Have you ever noticed when you are away for a day or two, or even a few hours, your team seem to be able to solve their own problems?  Having to deal with every question or every problem your staff face can be draining for you and does little to develop your team. A couple […]

Ten Top Tips to get More Business for your B&B, Inn or Small Hotel

I was recently asked what would be my top ten tips for getting more business for your B&B, inn or small hotel.  So here is my list: Identify your target market. Consider who is the best match for what you offer, and don’t try to be all things to all men. Focus on your ideal […]

Building Customer Relationships

I’m just back from a trip to Canada – part holiday, part business for my husband.  The trip has reminded me of the importance of building the customer relationship. We were being entertained by a supplier, but the main purpose of the trip was to build trust; we got to see the production process, meet […]

Solving an Issue

Here are two sets of questions to use to solve a problem or issue. Take your problem and work through the first set of questions. What is the problem? How long have you had it? Whose fault is it? Who is to blame? What is your worst experience with this problem? Why haven’t you solved […]

Spur of the moment meetings

Do your hotel staff know the score? ~ Part 5 Don’t forget the value of the impromptu communication. This might be anything from a simple “thank you everyone” at the end of a busy shift, to the ’emergency briefing’ when something big hits. The thing is these are impromptu – either loses its impact if […]

Regular one to ones

Do your hotel staff know the score? ~ Part 4 Never under estimate the impact of sitting down with each member of staff on a one to one basis. Note here the term regular. These should be scheduled so staff can plan for them and around them. And nothing smacks more of “I’m not valued” […]

Regular update meetings

Do your hotel staff know the score? ~ Part 3 Regular meetings – weekly, fortnightly or monthly give an opportunity to: Share ideas Give and get updates on what’s happening across departments, to encourage teamwork How the business is performing at operational level and any changes necessary or areas of focus Changes happening in the […]

Daily Briefings

Do your hotel staff know the score? ~ Part 2 A daily briefing (with the whole team if numbers are small enough to make this logistically possible is ideal, or by department) can update everyone on anything that affects that day’s operation. It’s also a great way to get feedback from them too on things […]