Key Steps for Protecting your Restaurant Reputation Online

Guest blog by Ken Burgin, Profitable Hospitality Are you prepared for negative comments or critical reviews online? When they happen, most people go into an offended, helpless rage – it’s not a position of strength! This video introduces a 3-step strategy to manage your reputation online. It was recorded from the recent webinar ‘Fast-Track Social […]

Facebook – Fad, fan or fear

To what extent have you embraced social media to help market your hotel or restaurant? Are you already a fan of Facebook or do you still think it’s just as fad, or do you fear it. I have to confess that I’ve been in the last category; I’m fine with LinkedIn and Twitter but up […]

How to Reward Referrals for your Hotel or Restaurant

As an absolute minimum, ensure that you thank anyone who makes referrals for your hotel or restaurant to encourage them to continue to do so in future. Don’t wait to see if this actually leads to business, as what you are looking to reward is the referral process. The more referrals you have the greater […]

Make the referral process easy for your hotel or restaurant customers

For hotel guests or restaurant diners the sooner you ask for referrals after they have stayed or visited, the better. This is the time they are likely to be most positive about what you delivered. The way you ask for referrals is key. If you ask: “Do you know anyone who might be interested in […]

How to encourage referrals

Yesterday I was asked what type of incentives hotels or restaurants can provide for loyal customers to encourage them to become ambassadors and drum up business for you. But before we cover that, let’s consider why and how you’d encourage this type of loyalty. We all know of the importance of online reviews, but I’m […]

How to market a restaurant or hotel through partnerships and joint ventures

Do you know other businesses who already work with your ideal guests? If so, why not set up a joint venture to help market your restaurant or hotel? A joint venture is when you team up or collaborate with another business or an individual to either share resources or help each other out with a […]

Continue to build the relationship after your hotel guests or restaurant diners have left

Show you appreciate your hotel guests’ or restaurant diners’custom; a little thank you note of some description goes a long way, even better if it is personalised in some way; hand written better still. This is an ideal time to ask for feedback, testimonials for reviews too. Keep in touch. Tell your customers what you […]

Using the guest or customer relationship to build rapport and trust

Making personal contact with your hotel guests or restaurant customers builds rapport and trust. This starts with being visible – not just your staff, but some managers’ presence too. But being visible is only half the story. What are you doing to reflect and convey your values and attitude to customers and staff? The way […]

Are you letting new hotel business opportunities slip through your fingers?

Learn the 7 fatal mistakes hoteliers make in getting new business Do you struggle to get new business? Are you unsure what marketing you should be doing and want to know how to make your marketing budget go further? Do your guests seem to have a good time, but you still don’t get much repeat […]

What you can do before hotel guests arrive to build the relationship

Building the guest relationship starts before your hotel guests arrive. Have you ever made a reservation somewhere and then suffered from ‘buyer’s remorse’ as you then get a bad feeling about the venue? If taking bookings in person ask questions about their visit that might help you offer a more personal service. What is the […]