A customer is the life, not just for Christmas

You may not be dreaming of a White Christmas, but I’m sure you’d like a profitable one, so you don’t leave things to chance. Over the Christmas period you will inevitably have a number of guests or diners who will be coming to your hotel or restaurant the first time, so ensure you create a […]

Bring your hotel marketing to life

Here’s part 3 of my 7 top tips for making the most of your hotel’s activities in your hotel marketing 4 Work in partnership If a particular venue, event or attraction helps attract people to your hotel or your area, get to work in partnership with these organisations to provide  marketing opportunities for both of […]

Key Steps for Protecting your Restaurant Reputation Online

Guest blog by Ken Burgin, Profitable Hospitality Are you prepared for negative comments or critical reviews online? When they happen, most people go into an offended, helpless rage – it’s not a position of strength! This video introduces a 3-step strategy to manage your reputation online. It was recorded from the recent webinar ‘Fast-Track Social […]