Life’s too short ~ Find your passion

Whenever anything went wrong my mother always used to say “life’s too short”. Sadly in her case it was, and she died at the age of 65. My dad outlived her by nearly 17 years, but sadly he died last weekend aged 81. But both of them thankfully spent their latter years doing things that […]

Who is holding you accountable?

Your Best Year Ever ~ Goal Setting for 2011Step 6 ~ KEEPING ON TRACK   Congratulations you have finished your best year ever process.  Just for a moment consider how much time you have just spent creating the coming year the way you absolutely want it.  My guess is about 1 -2 hours and that […]

Your Best Year Ever ~ Goal Setting for 2011

Step 4 ~ WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT   Now the next part of the process is probably the most exciting because this is were you start building your blueprint for the next 12 months. What do you really want in 2011? What goals really matter? Lots of people come up with lengthy laundry lists […]

Your Best Year Ever ~ Goal Setting for 2011

Step 3 ~ RULES FOR SUCCESS   Yesterday’s exercise probably wasn’t as pleasant as the previous part of the exercise but that is OK; we can now extract learnings from what you didn’t achieve so that you can ensure you make the next 12 months different. So we’re now going to identify your ‘Rules for […]

10 ways to avoid alienating your conference delegates

For a change this weekend I was on the receiving end of an event.  The seminar was held in a well-equipped conference centre, in a beautiful setting, where I have both trained and been trained, so I know it well.  However had this been my only experience I would have come away with a poor […]

What a difference a day makes

I discovered a new hotel last week, perfect for my visit. And my stay there was great; a warm welcome, spotlessly clean room, free use of Mac, delicious breakfast. So when I had to travel to the same city again this week I naturally booked in again. But what a difference a week makes. Or […]