10 ways to avoid alienating your conference delegates

For a change this weekend I was on the receiving end of an event.  The seminar was held in a well-equipped conference centre, in a beautiful setting, where I have both trained and been trained, so I know it well.  However had this been my only experience I would have come away with a poor […]

What a difference a day makes

I discovered a new hotel last week, perfect for my visit. And my stay there was great; a warm welcome, spotlessly clean room, free use of Mac, delicious breakfast. So when I had to travel to the same city again this week I naturally booked in again. But what a difference a week makes. Or […]

Setting Goals

In the A – Z of hospitality leadership G is for setting goals.     Do your team know what you expect and how you’ll measure this? In the article on Communication I talked about the need to let people know what is expected of them, and how their contribution fits into the bigger picture. […]

F is for Feedback

In the A-Z of hospitality leadership F is for Feedback The giving and receiving of feedback is probably one of the most vital skills in management. According to Ken Blanchard “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” People need to know how they are doing in order know what to keep doing and what needs improving, […]

Where do we draw the line in asking for TripAdvisor reviews?

I’ve just received an email from a hotel in the US where I stayed on business 4 years ago. I have to take my hat off to them for keeping me on their mailing list. Their approach is very effective at keeping themselves on my radar, reminding me of the pleasant stay I had there, […]

Create scarcity and urgency

You might now be planning ahead to January and thinking about how you are going to bring in business in your quiet months. But this is probably the last thing on your customers’ minds at the moment. So what can you do to prompt a booking now rather than them leaving things to the last […]

E is for Empathy

In the A- Z of leadership E is Empathy. Putting yourself in another’s shoes.   Empathy is really understanding the other person’s perspective, position and feelings. It is the ability to ‘step back’, and achieve a detachment from our own emotions, and is essential for building trust, rapport and effective relationships. It involves listening and […]

D is for Development

In the A-Z of hospitality leadership D is for Development   One question to ask yourself is “Could I honestly say I am tapping into 100% of the potential of my team?” If the answer to this is no, what do you need to be doing to tap into that potential?   We need to […]

How a bit of blue tack only cost me £500 in damages!

How secure is your data? Last week I made a costly mistake, and caused £500 worth of damage to my laptop. All down to a piece of blue tack! But why do I say only £500? Well, it certainly could have been a lot worse.  Although in the end I decided not to send my […]