Don’t waste your recruitment effort & costs by poor induction

How soon after joining do your hotel staff have to face guests? The first few weeks in any job will determine whether a person will want to stay with you. People like (and need) to know what’s expected of them. So when people start with you a thorough induction is absolutely key, and a good […]

Do you recruit hospitality staff on attitude or aptitude?

What most people think about is what the job is and what are the skills that are needed. I’m not saying that the skills are not important. Of course if you are recruiting a chef, you need someone with the right skills and experience. And you’ll be looking for someone to complement your existing skills […]

Use your expert topic to add a perception of value for your hotel guests

Yesterday we talked about how being an expert can help you define what you offer, and your ideal guests. Developing an expertise enables you to build rapport with a niche market of potential guests, and gives you an opportunity to run exclusive events and promotions for these customers’ market, which they perceive as value for […]

Become your hotel’s resident ‘expert’ to increase sales

One way of really capitalising on your interests and capturing the interest of your guests or prospects is to become an ‘expert’ in something that they (and you) are interested in. Becoming an expert gives your hotel something that will make you stand out from everyone else. It also means you are more likely to […]

Guests’ first and last impressions

Yesterday I ran a workshop at a hotel. This was for a third party, so I had not been involved with the booking, but had the conference organiser’s name. Ironically the word “Welcome” was in the title of the workshop…. On arrival there was just one person at reception at the normally busy checkout time. […]