How to make every day a productive day ~ Part 4

4. Distinguish between urgent and important Urgent means it requires immediate attention, they are things which were difficult to ignore, often visible, they insist on action. We tend to react to urgent matters just because they are there. On the other hand, important activities are those that contribute to goals or results and are proactive. Please […]

How To Encourage Repeat Conference Bookings

As someone who regularly uses hotels for meetings and training courses I get to see the good, the bad and occasionally indifferent ways venues cater for such events. Here are my top 20 tips to keep your hosts happy and encourage repeat bookings: Confirm the booking  in writing- date, room size, set up, what’s included and […]

Are you missing out on a £100m potential business opportunity?

According to research by Coeliac UK, the hospitality industry is missing out on an estimated £1 million a year by failing to provide safe, gluten-free options, because sufferers feel obliged to eat at home. And this is just for the 1% of the UK population who have the disease.   Add this to the huge […]