Creating a Culture of Innovation

Icebergs and Innovation Involving your team in innovation and improvements. I’ve talked many a time about the importance of listening and tuning in to your team. However, over the past few months the emphasis has been on listening to their concerns with a view to safeguarding their wellbeing. Today’s article is also about listening, but […]

Setting Expectations

If you’re about to reopen or to launch your Christmas offerings it’s important to set expectations. The chances are some responsibilities and priorities will have changed, so your team need to know what’s expected. Determine what needs doing, who is best placed to do it and then set your expectations. This is something I always […]

Productivity ~ Stop those Spinning Plates

Ideas for improving productivity. I guess like many people I’ve been spending some of my lockdown time sifting through old clutter that I no longer need. Whilst sorting through some old files I came across an exercise I used to use with my leadership coaching clients called “Stop the Spinning plates” Everything that is incomplete […]

Attitude problems?

A is for Attitude I often hear managers criticising a team member’s attitude, “they have an attitude problem!” But what do they actually mean? What behaviours convey someone’s attitude? Often it’s their enthusiasm for the job, the way they support their colleagues, how they talk to customers. But, before considering your team’s attitude, let’s consider […]

Upselling to add value

Amazon are the masters of using upselling to add value. Just think about the last time you viewed an item on Amazon; below the chances are you saw the handy little prompt saying: “Customers who bought this item also bought ….” or “Frequently bought together”. As business owners we know that often the profit is […]

Upselling and cross selling

You could be running the best promotion in the world, but… Last week I was approached by someone from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) who is leading a tactical workgroup on recovery for hotels. He had a pdf I had written over 10 years ago, on 100 promotion ideas for hotels, and […]

A question of questions ~ Question technique for managers

Mastering the art of question technique Last week in the Managing Performance Workshop one of the skills we discussed that cropped up time and again was question technique. As any self-respecting salesperson will tell you, question technique is a key skill in the sales process. But it’s also a critical skill for managers too. Why? […]