How to Handle Complaints ~ Will you have to ask a manager?

Are your team confident to handle complaints? Last week I met up with a friend in my favourite local coffee shop. Being the school holidays they were busier than normal, and we both expected that, and it was fine. What wasn’t fine was that the usual smiling, happy and efficient service was gone, and the […]

38 customer service training ideas to keep your team engaged all summer long

Here are 38 of my favourite customer service training ideas, so you can keep your team engaged, fresh and focused on delivering a fab customer experience all summer long Now we’re well into the summer and – if you run a hospitality, leisure or tourism business – maybe your busiest time of year, how do […]

How trust impacts customer experience

Last week I gave a short presentation at our local Institute of Directors meeting. It was only 4 minutes, but it’s surprising what you can fit into that time. I spoke about pride. Being recognised at work so you can be proud of your contribution can have a massive impact on employee engagement, and all […]

Don’t ruin the surprise!

It’s my birthday today, and my husband is away, helping out a friend in France. I think it’s the first time in our 34 years of marriage we’ve not been together for at least some of the day on my birthday. When the phone rang yesterday morning, I answered it with my normal greeting “Good […]

How to Engage New Team Members

Employee Engagement Starts Here Nearly every business owner I know lists recruiting and retaining good staff high on their list of priorities. Having gone to the effort and expense of finding a good fit, don’t waste this by poor induction. Many hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses will be taking on seasonal staff now. Maybe you […]

Getting emotional

Why Emotions Matter to your Customer Experience Last week was full of emotions for me. Tuesday marked the 25th anniversary of my mother’s death, Wednesday would have been my father’s 90th birthday and of course Thursday commemorated D-Day. Who couldn’t fail to be moved by some of the incredible stories told by the veterans? But […]