Inspiring the next generation

What has the Olympics got to do with recruitment or inspiring the next generation? OK, despite my comments at the start of the Olympics, I tune in every evening. Apart from watching our amazing Team GB, I loved seeing the video clips of kids having a go, and improvising with various household props. A couple […]

Encourage your team

Encourage your team to do their best by taking some lessons from the Olympics. If these help win gold medals, what impact they can have on your team? Nine years ago, I was hooked. I’ve never really been a big sports fan, but as my husband enjoys athletics, we’ve always enjoyed the Olympics. Particularly in […]

Yes but …

What happens when you respond with “yes, but…”? You know when you get into conversation with someone about an emotive subject, and you’ve said your piece, and someone then says “yes, but….”? You know you are likely to be contradicted.  And it’s all too easy to almost immediately – even if sub-consciously – to go […]

Planning Development

Planning Development based on strengths and stretch Most managers think of staff training and team development to achieve one of two things: to fix someone’s weaknesses as a way of grooming somebody for promotion Although both of these are relevant in their own way, they can leave you and your team wanting. So here’s an […]

Barriers to Development

Last week’s blog focused on the importance of team development, and I promised to continue the theme this week by sharing with you the second topic I covered on last week’s Hoteliers’ Forum, which was barriers to development. Having made a commitment to invest in your team’s development it can be frustrating when it doesn’t […]