Employee Recognition starts with Thank You

78% of employees don’t feel recognised! That’s according to Debra Corey – one of the many interesting speakers at last week’s  “The Caterer People Summit”. That’s a pretty shocking – and sad – statistic. She also cited of the money spent on employee recognition, 87% is spent on recognising long service (which is unlikely to […]

How to get consistency

One of the workshops I was delivering last week was for a group of new supervisors. I love delivering this type of training, particularly when the participants are so eager to learn. One of the things we discussed was the importance of consistency. It’s so easy in an environment where people work different shifts to […]

Preparing your team for customer service training

How to prepare and engage your team for customer service training I’m just putting together the finishing touches for two customer service training workshops I am delivering next week. But I can’t do this alone. When carrying out any training – customer service training or otherwise – what happens before and after is just as […]

How to change your team members’ moods

I’m sure from time to time even your most outgoing team members have their off days – those times when they are down, flustered, bored, angry or frustrated. And of course, this impacts their colleagues. And your customers. Most people believe they can’t change their moods, but here are 4 things (including an exercise you […]

I don’t have the authority

Complaint Handling is an essential skill for customer facing team members. We’ve all heard it haven’t we “I’m sorry, I don’t have the authority to do that; I’ll need to get my manager.”  It’s certainly frustrating for a customer, but also demotivating for a team member knowing that they can’t resolve the problem even if […]