Employee Engagement Starts Here

Nearly every business owner I know lists recruiting and retaining good staff high on their list of priorities. Having gone to the effort and expense of finding a good fit, don’t waste this by poor induction. The first few days and weeks in any job will determine how that person feels about your business and […]

Mixing Things Up

“Talking it through in our group I’ve now got some brilliant ideas.” “It was great talking to others and realising they have the same challenges” “I now have a better understanding of xx department, and know what I can do to make both our lives easier” “It was great to get someone else’s perspective, as […]

Mapping the Journey

Earlier this week I attended a customer experience seminar. We had some excellent presentations on how to improve customer service, including one on what went on behind-the-scenes for the London Olympics in creating such a memorable visitor experience through the Games’ Makers (in which – I am proud to say – I played a small […]


If you’re anything like me, you love having an excuse to celebrate. Today happens to be my wedding anniversary, and at 33 years I think that’s cause to celebrate. Marking special occasions is a great way to engage both customers and team members. Recognising a personal milestone, proud moment or a significant event shows you […]

This happens every day, right?

You’re probably not aware of this but today is “Employee Appreciation Day” in the US. OK, so that’s great to show your employees some appreciation. But doesn’t this happen every day? As human beings we all like to be appreciated …more than just once a year! Ongoing, simple but sincere gestures – however small – […]

How am I doing?

Conducting effective 1:1 meetings Never under estimate the impact of sitting down regularly with each member of staff on a one to one basis. Whether you call them “one to one meetings”, “reviews” or simply “chats” really doesn’t matter; the important thing is that they happen. And regularly. But, why would you want to have […]

33 years and counting

After nearly 33 years of marriage (to the same person!) I feel we must be doing something right. I’m sure like most married couples, we don’t declare our undying love every day of the week, but we still know we’re loved and cared for. Just like in a successful marriage, unless your team feel loved […]