3 things to do today to get 2017 off to a flying start

Here’s  a short video with 3 things you can be doing this week to get your team engaged, enthused and energised for the year ahead and get 2017 off to a brilliant start. If you get them engaged now and show you are enthusiastic about the year ahead this will rub off on your team and […]

6 ways to show your gratitude

Christmas is a time of showing our gratitude – not that you shouldn’t be doing this all year round of course – to our team. Unless your team feel valued and loved they’re not likely to give their best and to deliver the type of customer experience either you or your customers expect. So how […]

What great looks like

I was reminded again this week of the importance of defining the experience you want to create for your customers. When I start working with a business I often find they don’t have any clearly defined ideas of what good service looks like; they just know they’ll recognise it when they see it. This isn’t […]

Riding on the crest of a wave

I was hooked. And had far too many late nights. I simply loved the Olympics. Can you believe it? – 67 medals. Brilliant. Well done Team GB! Did you notice the euphoria as people realised their success? Did you see the pride on the athletes’ faces as they stepped up onto the podium and receive […]

Perceptual Positions

By the time you read this thankfully all the campaigning will be over and we’ll know one way or the other. There’s been a bit of a difference of opinion in the Cooper household. Hubby and I have homed in on different merits for and against remaining/exiting the EU! Seeing things from different perspectives extends […]