Celebrate and share successes

Day 3 in my 12 days of Christmas mini blog series 3. Celebrate and share successes. Remind your team of all your achievements over the past 12 months. What milestones have you achieved as a business and individually. What were the highlights, and what’s been their contribution? Staff are more likely to be loyal and […]

Putting Theory into Practice

In all my years as a trainer the number 1 mistake I see businesses making with their staff training is not doing enough to make an easy transition from theory to the real world. What takes place in the safety, and often false environment, of the training room can be very different from what happens […]

Just like any other week

Next week (2-6 October) is National Customer Service Week. Customer Service Week is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the critical role customer service plays in running a successful business. Of course, customer service plays a vital role at any time of year, not just during customer service week. But if nothing else it provides the […]

If you don’t measure it how can you manage it?

As a business owner understandably you’re focused on sales and growth. Most business owners I work with are too. But I also see many letting money slip through their fingers unnoticed. Profits they could retain with a few simple steps. We’ve finally woken up to the benefits of having an engaged team yet evidence still shows […]

Sitting on a Goldmine

I believe many businesses are sitting on a potential untapped goldmine. Most managers think of team development to achieve one of two things: to fix someone’s weaknesses as a way of grooming somebody for promotion Fixing faults v seeing strengths Rather than making everyone mediocre in everything by trying to fix weaknesses, by focusing on […]

Learn to Let Go

I caught myself this week doing something I really should have delegated to someone else. Not only was this tying up my valuable time when I could be doing something only I can do; the person who should have done it would have done a better job, and quite possibly in half the time! Do you […]