Don’t kid yourself you’ll remember

Customer Retention and Employee Retention post-Christmas I know planning for next Christmas (or any other busy period) is probably the last thing on your mind just now. But if we don’t take stock now of how this year has gone, we’ll be missing out on the opportunity to learn from the experience. Don’t kid yourself […]

Improving Employee Productivity

Getting the best from your seasonal team When Christmas is an exceptionally busy time for your business this of course presents a huge opportunity for you. But if you’re left with insufficient manpower, or temporary staff who simply aren’t up to the job, this can leave your existing team stretched and unable to meet your […]

It’s not the cost that counts for employee recognition

Don’t you just love it when you open up a gift, and it’s perfect for you? It feels really good that somebody’s gone to the trouble of finding something that they knew you’d love. You’re delighted that they paid attention to something you happen to have mentioned in passing. You’re touched that they’ve gone to […]