Getting out of a skid

Service Recovery One frosty morning a few weeks ago I was driving to an early morning meeting. I’d negotiated the local country lanes without incident, but just after joining the main road my car went sliding into a skid. Thankfully nothing was coming in the opposite direction and I recovered the situation and regained control. […]

Is Anyone Listening to Customer Feedback

How to handle customer feedback and avoid adverse reviews. Are you listening to customer feedback? Last week someone posted on LinkedIn a cringe-worthy letter she’s been sent by the CEO of an airline following her complaint at having to wait 11 months for a refund, with no apology, no empathy and no acknowledgement. Although not […]

Managing Expectations

Managing expectations isn’t always easy. So what can you do to manage your customers’ expectations? Have you ever had that experience on your birthday or Christmas when you’re all excited about opening a beautifully presented gift, only to find what’s inside is a real disappointment? Or you’ve waited patiently for the delivery of that new […]


Better teamwork to relieve the pressure With Christmas festivities only a matter of weeks’ away you may now be planning your staffing to ensure your customers get a consistent experience no matter how busy you are. Last week my tip was to upskill and cross train your team so they can cover each other when […]

Dealing with Poor Performance

Dealing with poor performance is a bit like picking up acorns What have acorns and dealing with poor performance have in common? Most people who know me, know I love my garden.  I can happily while away hours pottering in the garden, and my idea of a good workout is a good bit of digging […]

How to attract, recruit and retain great staff

How to attract, recruit and retain great staff And it’s not just about pay and hours… You and I both know the quality of your team have a direct impact on your customers’ experience. But there’s also no getting away from the fact that many businesses are struggling with attracting and/or retaining good quality people. […]

Customer Service Week ideas

Customer Service Week This week is customer service week, and today is Customer Experience Day. Don’t ask me why the two events ended up falling in the same week, but it’s a good opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the critical role the customer experience plays in running a successful business. For you, […]