About the book

Who is the Hotel Success Handbook for?

For seasoned hoteliers and those new to running a hotel, the Hotel Success Handbook is packed with practical tips and actions to improve business results.

De-mystifying and explaining good sales, marketing, operations and training practices the Hotel Success Handbook is a guide for owners and managers of Hotels who want some new ideas, or a handy ‘checklist’ to run a marketing audit.

Who wrote the Hotel Success Handbook?

The Hotel Success Handbook contains over 40 combined years of hospitality training, business coaching, sales and marketing experience from Caroline Cooper and Lucy Whittington.

Why the Hotel Success Handbook?

Having the best, most thought out, perfectly decorated, spot on location hotel is not enough. It is not a field of dreams – just because its built – the guests will not necessarily come! For success in the hospitality trade its vital to have good business know how.

The Hotel Success Handbook is a practical guide to marketing actions, sales tips, staff training ideas, operational must dos (and don’ts) to help owners and managers fill their hotel with the guests they want.

There is a huge opportunity right now for independent hotels to be a huge success. But it can be hard sometimes to know where to start to make that happen.

Should you be homing in on one niche market? Attracting a following on Twitter? What type of promotions can you run? Should you still be advertising in print magazines? What's the benefit of a joint venture? How do you get your staff on board? How do you get fresh ideas to be competitive?

The Hotel Success Handbook asks the right questions and shows you how to use the answers to push your hospitality business forward, and make it the success it deserves to be.

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