Bring your hotel marketing to life

Here’s part 3 of my 7 top tips for making the most of your hotel’s activities in your hotel marketing

4 Work in partnership

If a particular venue, event or attraction helps attract people to your hotel or your area, get to work in partnership with these organisations to provide  marketing opportunities for both of you and achieve a win-win. Start by inviting them to see what you have to offer so that they can promote you to their visitors, and vice versa.

What packages or promotions can you put together as a joint-venture to benefit both of you as well as offering great value to your guests? Are there any opportunities to run events with these organisations as sponsors, or vice versa? Keeping channels open between you will mean you’re in a position to refer business to one another and continue to create opportunities.


5 Bring your hotel marketing to life

Don’t just lift descriptions from any old brochure. Give your own accounts and descriptions of the things to bring it to life. Highlight your favourite attractions, walks or haunts, where you like to spend time when you want to relax or seek adventure. Everyone likes a story, so use your own personal anecdotes.

Ask your team to share their accounts of these places and activities. Not only does this help to make the descriptions more personal, what better way to let your guests get to know your team and build that relationship before they even arrive.

And if you need to mention something where you don’t have a personal interest, find someone who does. For example of you have a local race course, but you hate horse racing, find someone who is interested and get them to write about what might be of interest to guests who are coming for the racing. If guests come to take part in rock climbing and you don’t climb, ask someone who does and get their account of what makes this a great base and to describe the climbs. Show your prospective guests there is a connection and you can relate to their needs.

Better still include your hotel guests’ accounts of the things they’ve done while they’ve stayed with you. What better advertisement is there to market your hotel than a guest’s perspective?

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