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Goal setting and planning

Your Best Year Ever
This year, how about taking some time (if you haven’t done so already) to sit alone quietly and reflect on what it is you TRULY WANT to be, do, and have in your life and for your business?

Creating a compelling vision
Anyone running their own business needs a vision – a vision that motivates you, a vision to keep you going when the going gets tough, and a vision that reminds you that you are doing the right thing, and will keep you on track. Try this simple exercise to get you started.

Setting achievable goals
Don’t you wish you could set goals that you actually achieve? This takes SMART goals one step further and gets you started with the planning.


Bognor Regis TBI spring fair presentation.ppt
Presentation slides from your Best Year Ever presentation

Cash Flow forecast
No business that wants to stay afloat should be without a cashflow forecast. This simple Excel spreadsheet will give you a head start with basic formulas and headings.

Growing Your Business

57 Ways to boost your sales and get more repeat bookings for your hotel (pdf 482kb)
Practical ideas for owners of hotels, B&B and guest accomodation to improve spend per head and get repeat business

77 ways to boost sales and get more repeat bookings for your restaurant(pdf 521kb)
Learn the strategies and techniques you can apply on a day-to-day basis to drive up your customers’ spend per head and get your customers coming back time and again

How to add value to stimulate sales (pdf 110kb)
Anything that adds value will attract attention and stimulate sales, providing people know about it. This 11 page article identifies how

Get your customers selling for you (pdf 54kb)
There’s nothing like a testimonial or referral to endorse your hotel or restaurant. Pick up any research on advertising effectiveness and you’ll see word-of-mouth at the top of the list.  But they won’t say good things about you unless…

The Magic Matrix (pdf 75kb)
We all know it is easier to sell to existing customers, but sometimes we overlook the opportunities that are in front of us. If you’ve already spent a lot of time or money developing your services and offers you want to ensure you are capitalising on that by providing that service to as many of your customers as possible. This simple tool will help you identify where you are missing opportunities and what other services (or products) you could be providing to these existing customers.

Seasonal Promotions (pdf 53kb)
Nearly everyone does something special for the traditional celebrations: Christmas, Easter, Mothers’ Day and Valentine’s Day. But that’s the just the problem – everyone does it, so it doesn’t stand out. Get some fresh ideas and get the creative juices flowing in planning seasonal promotions for your hotel, restaurant or B&B.

Customer Service

Get to know your customers (pdf 134kb)
People are more likely to buy from people they know, like and trust.
Establishing a relationship with your customers enables this to happen, and in time turns to loyalty.

How to handle complaints (pdf 34kb)
Staff training checklist of how to handle difficult customers and complaints

Making the most of feedback and reviews (pdf 73kb)
Do you look forward to reading your online reviews, or does the very idea that someone has felt compelled to post a review fill you with dread? Getting feedback from your guests is essential to gauge whether or not what you’re offering is right for your target audience. So how can you make the most of your feedback and reviews?

How to build rapport and understanding (pdf 65kb)
Rapport gives the ability to relate to others in a way that creates a climate of trust, openness and understanding, it is a key part of building relationships in the business world.  Having the ability to build rapport helps ….

Your Team

Recruiting staff: 7 mistake most small businesses make
Recruiting staff can be a major step for most small businesses. So how can you take this step wih confidence, knowing that you have minimised the risks?

Six Simple Steps to Effective Delegation
Why employ staff at vast expense and then not utilise them thoroughly? A recent survey by Learndirect Business found that nearly two thirds of the people surveyed felt that they had talents that were not being called upon.

How to give feedback
Do you hate giving feedback? The ability to give feedback is one of the most vital skills in management. Good feedback is highly motivational, developmental, and good for the bottom line.

Be your own coach

Quick Coaching Quiz
How does coaching work?
Get a taster for coaching with this 10 minute quiz.

The Wheel of Business
Is your business having a bumpy ride? Can’t see the wood for the trees? This exercise will help you prioritise the areas where your energies will have most impact.

Personal Values Review
Do you spend all your time doing things that give you no satisfaction, and never have time for the things that are important to you. Complete this review to get started on addressing that problem.

Choose the Right Coach for You
You can see the benefits of coaching, but don’t know how to identify the best match for you?

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