Managing Customer Service

Delivering Outstanding Customer Experiences requires the right Management Support

Management Training to support your Customer Service

Engaging your employees dramatically improves your chances of engaging your customers.

And giving your team the appropriate training dramatically improves your chances of engaging your team.

But with the best will in the world, your team can’t deliver outstanding customer experiences if you don’t have the infrastructure, resources, leadership and support in place to enable this to happen.

Without the right support and infrastructure in place you might be wasting your time, money and effort on customer service training. Not everything is down to your team.

You need:

  • Clearly defined Customer Service Values
  • The right people and sufficient manpower to meet the customers’ expectations
  • Managers setting a good example and giving the appropriate training, support, feedback, coaching and knowledge
  • Empowering your team to deliver and make decision with the customers’ best interests at heart
  • The appropriate resources and systems to support them

So I offer a series of packages to help support you in achieving a service culture including:

Customer Journey Review

Managing the Customer Experience Workshops

Train the trainer programmes

1:1 coaching, leadership and implementation support

Management skills training and coaching

A full service package

Please call me on 01403752487 or email me at to discuss your needs

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