Why waste time reinventing the wheel, when there are already tools available to help you monitor your standards and plan your marketing.

Here is a range of tools for you to use to help grow your sales and plan and audit your hotel or restaurant. Each package is totally downloadable so you get instant access, to store on your own computer, share with your team, and make as many copies as you like. No waiting around for bulky packages through the post.


Other Hospitality Business Management tools you may be interested in


Increasing sales

Promotion Ideas

Are you ever short of inspiration?Here are 100 promotion ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Note: if you purchase the Promotions Programme all these ideas are already included.

Format: pdf


Promotions Programme

This extensive programme will help you plan, promote, implement and review your own profitable promotion. It is a step by step programme in 21 daily lessons, each giving you the theory and the opportunity to put each step into practice straight away.

The programme also includes full costing sheets and over 80 promotion ideas to use in your hotel. For more details go here.

Format: pdf and Excel



Planning and Review Tools

The Customer Journey Self Audit Checklist

How often do you put yourself in your customers’ shoes? Become your own hotel inspector. Or better still train your team to become your personal team of hotel inspectors giving you valuable and objective feedback where ever and whenever you want?

The sections include:Research (as undertaken by guests before booking), Website, Booking, Arrival, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Drinking and dining, Public areas, Checkout, Customer Service, Follow up.

All you need to do then to get started is refer to this as you and your team review your own hotel. You can then prioritise and get started on the areas that will give you the biggest return.

The checklist also comes in an Excel format, so you can use that as a template to add your own points using the template as your starting point to tailor to your own hotel.You can use this in a number of ways: Sort by priority, Sort by the person responsible, Add your own auditing points

Format: pdf and Excel


How to Give your Hotel a Competitive Edge

Get the full 8 hours of recordings from my recent interview series with 10 of the hotel industry’s most respected figures. For more information on the speakers and the full package here.

Format mp3


7 Step Strategic Plan Template

This template provides a starting point for a strategic plan to help give you focus and structure. It will enable you to identify how your plan will contribute to your overall vision, it outlines the way the business is going and how it intends to get there, and sets specific benchmarks and milestones.

This 17 page step-by-step template will take you logically through a 7 stage planning process. So even if you don’t have a strategic plan already, working through this plan will help you clarify what you want achieve and what you need to do to give your hotel a competitive edge.

Please note: It is not intended for investors or the bank, although it could help get you started if you need to provide them with a plan.

Format: pdf


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