"How to Create a Service Culture"

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To create a Service Culture means shaping, creating and embedding a whole way of doing things. It's like a stick of rock and runs through everything you do; no matter where you break it, the core message is still the same.

Customers are fickle, and you’re only as good as your customer’s last encounter. So if you want your customers to be naturally loyal your customer service ethos has to be demonstrated by everyone in your business not just the front line team.

It isn’t just the responsibility of the reception or customer service desk. Everyone in your business contributes in some way to the customer experience either directly or indirectly (or why are they there?).

So, to create a service culture it must be part of your DNA. It needs to be built into your systems, reflected in your recruitment, instilled in your team, demonstrated throughout the customer journey and delivered by engaged employees.

5 Key Ingredients to Create a Service Culture:

I believe there are 5 key ingredients needed to create a service culture and deliver a 5 star customer experience.

Training makes up just one of them.

To really give your customers a full 5 Star Customer Experience you’ll need to look beyond the standard customer service training programme, and review all 5 key ingredients that make up a 5 Star Customer Experience.

  1. Clearly defined customer service brand values and what constitutes a 5 Star Customer Experience.
  2. A Customer Journey that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations from end to end
  3. A trusted team who understand your values, the part they have to play in delivering them, and have the skills, knowledge and confidence to do so.
  4. A team who are fully engaged through strong leadership to guide and support them to deliver a consistently 5 star customer experience.
  5. And finally systems and resources aligned to delivering the 5 Star Customer Experience

The Customer Experience needs to be a part of your service culture and instilled in everything you do.

Create a Service Culture is more than a sheep dip

Caroline is full of advice when it comes to customer and employee relations. She really helped us understand the needs of a customer and showed us how best to turn awkward situations into positive ones. Caroline has created many books for helpful & easy reference for these areas.

If you need help with customer service and building great employee teams then Caroline will certainly be able to help you.

Keith Richards, Managing Director at Premier Heating

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Customer Service Training is just one of five key ingredients which help create a Service Culture and make up a 5 Star Customer Experience