7 reasons why customer service training fails and how to get your customer service training delivering REAL results

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How to Create a Service Culture

Creating a customer service culture, where putting the customer first and providing amazing customer experiences takes more than a sheep dip training exercise.

It means shaping, creating and embedding a whole way of doing things that’s like a stick of rock and runs through everything you do. No matter where you break it the core message is still the same.

Customers are fickle, and you’re only as good as your customer’s last encounter. So if you want your customer to be naturally loyal your customer service ethos has to be demonstrated by everyone in your business not just the front line team.

It isn’t just the responsibility of the reception or customer service desk. Everyone in your business contributes in some way to the customer experience either directly or indirectly (or why are they there?).

So, to create a service culture it must be part of your DNA. It needs to be built into your systems, reflected in your recruitment, instilled in your team, demonstrated throughout the customer journey and delivered by engaged employees.

Service culture

Here are some aspects to consider:

  • How would you define your customer service culture?
  • What criteria do you use in your recruitment to ensure team members share your customer service values?
  • What role do your internal support teams play in the ultimate customer experience?
  • What are the small refinements needed in your systems and process which add value for your customers?
  • What role do your team members play in continuous service improvements and shaping the future for your customer experience?
  • What gets measured in your business beyond the immediate short term profit?
  • What’s the attitude towards customer feedback and how is this gathered and responded to?
  • What does ‘good’ look like?

If you are hesitant of any of the answers to these questions, give me call on 07887540914.

Customer Service Training is just one of five key ingredients which help create a Service Culture and make up a 5 Star Customer Experience

Caroline has been running our general skills training programs for two years and has established an excellent set of programs. These have really hit the mark in terms of what we needed to bring everyone in our business up to a consistent level of communication and customer handling skills.

She has worked hard to ensure that the course content has knitted into our strategy and culture and has helped us promote these across the business.

Caroline has an unbelievable depth of knowledge across management and general skills training and her programs are highly regarded and enjoyed by everyone. She is a consummate professional with a sense of humour.

Clare Reynolds, Operations Director, Staffcare



  • Train the Trainer

    Support and coach the team to build confidence and embed new behaviours


  • Engagement and Leadership

    Management coaching and development programmes to get the best from your team so they give their best to your customers


Key Ingredients


I believe there are 5 key ingredients needed to create service culture and deliver a 5 star customer experience. Training makes up just one of them.

To really give your customers a full 5 Star Customer Experience you’ll need to look beyond the standard customer service training programme, and review all 5 key ingredients that make up a 5 Star Customer Experience.

  1. Clearly defined customer service brand values and what constitutes a 5 Star Customer Experience.
  2. A Customer Journey that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations from end to end
  3. A trusted team who understand your values, the part they have to play in delivering them, and have the skills, knowledge and confidence to do so.
  4. A team who are fully engaged through strong leadership to guide and support them to deliver a consistently 5 star customer experience.
  5. And finally systems and resources aligned to delivering the 5 Star Customer Experience

The Customer Experience needs to be a part of your service culture and instilled in everything you do.

How does this work?

With most of my clients we sit down and devise a programme tailored specifically to the business and their objectives. Sometimes this is just a short sharp injection of new ideas to re energise the team, covering just one or two of the key ingredients. And at others it’s a long term culture change that’s needed and we might work together for a number of months, going into detail on three, four or maybe all five ingredients.