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Caroline’s keynotes

      • “Joining the 8%”
      • “Sheep dips don’t work”
      • “Puffed up with Pride”

Caroline’s short thought provoking talks

      • 7 keys to staying on your customers' radar to tap into the EASY business that’s right under your nose”
      • “5 keys to creating a 5 Star Customer Experience”

Caroline’s Customer Experience Workshops

      • Top Team Intensive
      • Managing the Customer Experience

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Caroline’s keynotes

“Joining the 8%”

“How to stand out from the crowd”

80% of business owners will tell you they deliver a “superior customer experience”.
Unfortunately, only 8% of customers would agree.

Getting your brand’s customer experience right can be your single most valuable competitive advantage.

In this talk Caroline shares 7 common profit plundering errors many businesses unwittingly make, that leave customers feeling uninspired, unloved and unimpressed.

Be in no doubt, these directly impact your reviews, your customer retention, and your bottom line.


 “Sheep dips don’t work”

“Why most customer service training fails, and how to ensure yours doesn’t”

Your employees are the key drivers of your customers’ experience, but training is often seen as a necessary evil. It’s frustrating when employees don’t implement what they’ve been taught, or even more disheartening when you’ve invested in them and then they leave.

In this talk we’ll be exploring the impact of the Ebbinghaus Effect,  how to massively improve your ROI on customer service training (or any other training for that matter!) and practical steps towards creating a service culture within your business.


“Puffed up with Pride”

”A customer will never love a business until its employees love it first”
(Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why”)

Whether you agree with this statement or not, there’s no denying that employee recognition massively impacts your team’s productivity, your staff retention, your customers’ loyalty and ultimately your bottom line.

In this talk Caroline shares 3 essential management strategies to make employees feel proud to represent your business, proud of their contribution to its success, and proud to serve your customers.

I was referred to Caroline by a friend of mine who had attended one of Caroline talks. At the time I was putting together a seminar for credit professionals and wanted something more than just facts, numbers and overall finance. I asked Caroline to come along and add some care into the day,

What she provided was an excellent talk on "pride", the feedback I received was fantastic. I was somewhat sceptical on having a speaker outside the normal technical realms however her warmth and delivery was fantastic, and I would definitely look to use her again. Thank you again, Caroline.

Brendan Clarkson, Debt, Advisory and Operations Director

I attended a presentation by Caroline last week on Understanding your Customer Experience. It was excellent. In a short time, Caroline encapsulated all the ingredients one should consider to ensure business owners get their brand's customer experience right and deliver a "superior customer experience".

 It became very clear that this can be for many businesses their single most valuable competitive advantage. I have no hesitation to recommend Caroline to any businesses that intend to get this right.

Florence Trepizur

Caroline’s short thought-provoking talks

Each talk takes approximately 45 minutes and benefits from 10-15 minutes discussion afterwards

“7 keys to staying on your customers' radar to tap into the EASY business that’s right under your nose”

      • The one thing that you absolutely must get right before you’ll ever get your customers to take you seriously
      • The subtle extras that can convert a luke-warm buyer into a raving fan
      • The quickest, simplest and most effective way to make a connection after they've bought or you've concluded your business
      • 10 simple ways to stay engaged with your customers to keep their attention
      • How to sustain and remain on their radar and win more sales


“5 keys to creating a 5 Star Customer Experience”

In this talk participants will discover:

      • Why successful businesses start at the end and work backwards
      • The significance of glue in building loyalty
      • How to engage your team in delivering a 5 star experience
      • How to ensure consistency so customers receive the same levels of attention on every visit

Caroline’s Customer Experience Workshops

Top Team Intensive

A full day of intensive analysis, creative brainstorming and planning: Essentially the day is tailored to exactly what YOU need; however, it is likely to take in some or all of the items outlined overleaf. The amount of time spent in each area is will reflect the stage you are at and the degree of relevance of each element to your specific situation:

And finally, we'll put together a detailed, prioritised Action Plan based on what we discover in the day

      • To define your customer service values, ensuring the everyone in the senior team understands what these mean in practice and has a commitment to living by these values
      • Highlight gaps in the customers’ journey and what actions can be taken to enhance the customer experience to gain customer loyalty, get more sales and customer recommendation
      • Identify any further support, knowledge, skills, authority or resources needed to meet these
      • To leave people feeling motivated and energised to apply the values and principles on a day-to-day basis


Managing the Customer Experience

This practical workshop is for owners and managers to give you a kick start to build your customer experience brand and your strategy to deliver this.

This is not about logos and colours. It’s about defining the type of memorable customer experiences you want to create and putting things in place so every day you create customers who love your business.

During the workshop we focus on my 5 keys to delivering a 5 star customer experience and how you apply these to your own business’s customer service strategy, so you leave with your own personal action plan to bring this to fruition.

I asked Caroline to help me define our company mission statement with our management team. She extracted the most important elements of the business from the five of us and then guided us to put this into a draft mission statement.

Caroline then used this in a workshop with our installations team to get their feedback and buy in. This was 4 months ago, and since then we've been overwhelmed by the glowing testimonials we've received about the customer service our teams have given on site. THANK YOU CAROLINE!

Iain Booth, Inside Outside Marquees

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