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Essential Money Matters Toolkit

You know you cook great food. You love your customers. You’re happy with the amount of business you get during your busy periods. But somehow even at your busiest this isn’t translating into profit. You’re afraid of putting up prices in case a dish won’t sell. Undercharge and you’re out of pocket (and potentially devaluing your product). It’s frustrating isn’t it? Your numbers can be confusing, and maybe even a little scary.

It’s often the little tweaks to your costs and sales that can make the difference between a hefty loss, or a healthy profit. And let’s face it, whether you own or manage a restaurant, café, bar or hotel you are in business to make money.

But why waste time reinventing the wheel, when there are already tools available to help you monitor and control your costs and audit your standards

I’ve bundled together my 4 favourite tools to help you keep tabs on all these critical areas, so you can get onto the fun stuff of getting more (profitable) sales.


The Customer Journey Audit checklist

Wouldn’t it be great if your team were able to rectify the things that irritate your guests, before your guests see them?

It’s so often the attention to detail that gets missed and can have such an impact on your guests’ overall experience. Not just while they are saying with you, but before they even arrive.

Become your own hotel inspector, or train your staff to become your personal team of hotel inspectors giving you valuable and objective feedback where ever and whenever you want. How often do you put yourself in your customers’ shoes?

It’s these little details that make the difference to the customer experience, so in the checklist you’ll find not just the obvious, but some of the attention to detail that can so easily be missed.

And the great thing is, once you’ve introduced these details to your team it will be all the more easy to get them to maintain the standards you and your guests expect.


Profitable Promotions to Improve Hotel Occupancy and Hotel Revenues

Get everything you need to run a successful promotion. This step by step programme will take you through the stages you need to complete to put together, cost and run a successful promotion that ticks all these boxes, to get you more sales, improve hotel occupancy, increase hotel revenue, and ultimately, hotel growth to make more profit for your hotel.


Hotel Success Handbook

For seasoned hoteliers and those new to running a hotel, the Hotel Success Handbook is packed with practical tips and actions to improve business results.

De-mystifying and explaining good sales, marketing, operations and training practices the Hotel Success Handbook is a guide for owners and managers of Hotels who want some new ideas, or a handy ‘checklist’ to run a marketing audit.


Hotel Marketing Workshop

You know that to be successful you need to give your hotel a competitive edge.  But so much has changed recently in the potential ways to market a hotel and it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts, particularly on a limited budget.

If you’re discouraged you don’t get more traffic to your hotel website, you need to find more cost effective ways to grow your list of prospective customers, engage and convert them to loyal paying guests or you’d love to have your hotel talked about in all the right circles and featured in the press so you can attract the attention of your ideal guests, then join me virtually on this one day workshop

Recorded at the live workshop at the May Fair Hotel in London, you’ll get to see the full prgramme, plus receive personal online coaching at each stage of the programme


How to Give your Hotel a Competitve Edge

How would you like to have some of the top names in the Hotel Business come and join you in your office for 8 hours of packed information, sharing their secrets on how they have given each of their respective businesses a competitive edge, or helped others just like you to gain that edge?

Are you are frustrated at losing business to other hotels, who quite frankly offer nothing more or better than you do? If your answer is “yes” then join us for one, two, or perhaps all 10 of the interviews that I have lined up for you.

Here’s your opportunity to team up with TEN of the industry’s leading experts as they share their secrets for making a truly successful business and gaining a competitive edge.


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