Customer Care Training Taster

Customer Care Training
In House Taster Sessions

These ½ day in house taster workshops to give you a perfect opportunity to get first hand experience of how I work and to see for yourself the impact and what can be achieved in just a short team session.

Duration up to 3 ½ hours


I like to discuss the content with my clients in advance so this can be tailored and made as relevant as possible and so we can home in on specific areas needed.

However a typical session would include:

  • How we want customers to feel after their experience with the business, and how we contribute to this
  • Identifying what customers/clients want and expect
  • What we convey to customers through non-verbal cues
  • The importance of rapport and how to build this
  • Dealing with problems for a positive outcome

Following the taster session we hold a short debrief to discuss what happens next to sustain any of the actions or behaviours identified and discussed.

The sessions are very participative, but to reassure people beforehand there will not be any role play (although there will be lots of exercises so they won’t get a chance not to get involved!)


Caroline.I just cannot thank you enough for the session this morning with the Guildford Town Guides.  It was hugely encouraging to see this group of volunteers engaging in the exercises and the atmosphere and energy generated was tremendous.

It would appear that each of them came away having got something out of the session, and particularly the leaders so hopefully there will be some reinforcement over the coming months.I have seen you work before with business minded groups who are already tuned into the message, but this time you had a group of volunteers, most of whom have not been exposed to these messages before, and they were all eating out of your hand – I’ve had some excellent feedback already.I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone for customer service and loyalty coaching and training.

Well done and thank you so much.


Diana Roberts
Tourism and Marketing Development Manager
Economic Development


The investment for a taster session is just £300 (+VAT), which will then be credited towards payment of any full day’s training with me booked (but not necessarily taken) within the next month.

I usually suggest a minimum of 8 delegates (as any less than that you don’t get the same level of energy) and a maximum of 20.

This session is appropriate for individual businesses or groups of businesses who are planning to get together and share the investment.


“I had the pleasure and privilege to attend one of Caroline’s Customer Service Taster workshops last week.The simplicity and clarity of her delivery was spot on: impactful, fun, incredibly interactive and fast moving, and just so easy to remember and apply.I would recommend this and the other workshops that Caroline takes into companies very highly. If you run a team that includes or provides (or should provide better!) customer service or interactions, then Caroline is likely to help them all see, understand and easily increase the influence on the satisfaction and joy of customers as well as the impact on the bottom line.Thank you for reminding me of some basics, and opening my eyes to two little tricks I’d not thought of before.This week I’m spending some time making sure they are part of my operations and customer care systems!”Helena Holrick
Workshops that Work


To find out more email or call me on 01403 752487

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