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7 reasons why customer service training fails and how to get your customer service training delivering REAL results

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If need to develop your team’s customer service skills and you’ve got your own training skills in house, but simply don’t have the time or resources to put together a programme…

I can do all the hard work for you

You know you need to do some customer service training with your team but it’s one of those things that just gets put off time and again because nobody has got the time to sit down and put together a programme.

A made to measure customer service skills programme

is perfect for you if you’d like something tailor made for your business, but you already have the skills and time to deliver it yourself in house.

These modules will be developed for you tailored for your own business for you to deliver in house.


customer service skills bespoke

This means you can:

  • Have a customer service skills programme that is personalised to reflect your own business and team’s needs, but without the headache of writing it yourself
  • Involve your management team in the programme delivery so they have ownership and can maintain their credibility
  • Mix and match the sessions to suit the needs of your team
  • Break the content down into short sharp session to suit your own schedules
  • Include your own branding
  • Retain your own materials to continue to deliver in house as and when you need it

How this works:

  • We’ll discuss your precise needs and specific outcomes, the level of depth, how you’d like to content broken down, any special or quirky aspects which need to be incorporated so I get a feel for your style and culture, etc.
  • We’ll also discuss likely scenarios for your team so that all the exercises can be tailored to make them reflect real situations and bring the training to life
  • I draft the outline content and send you the outline for your approval, and make amendments as needed
  • Everything will then be sent to you in a downloadable format using Word, PDF and PowerPoint files so you can continue to develop the programme for the future if you wish
  • We go through all the material with you/the training team (either at your offices or via Skype), discussing how we bring it alive, personalise it and adapt to different situations. I can even be available for a follow up tutorial with the training team in advance of running their first session or to review initial role out.

Your own customer service skills training material means you can deliver your training as and when you want without any additional cost

Now we’ve got together to go over the revised drafts you sent over and we are really happy with everything.

The fact that you spent time discussing with us to develop a detailed brief and understand our specific needs made the whole process very easy and by spending the day with us to show exactly how to bring the training to life, you have provided a package that will give value to the charity for years to come.

We are now just working on into context with real life situations that our staff will relate to.

Thank you so much for all of your help, it really is appreciated.

Great North Air Ambulance Service



Your investment for made to measure customer service skills programme materials for you to deliver yourself
from £1950 (+ VAT)

To get started on your Made to Measure programme email me: stating the best time to call you.

Or simply pick up the phone now and give me a call on 01403 752487.

  • Bespoke Training Delivered In House

    If you don’t yet have the time or expertise to deliver the customer service training in house, or you simply need to raise the profile by bringing in an external provider.


  • Train the Trainer

    Support and coach the team to build confidence and embed new behaviours