Does this describe you?

  • You know providing an excellent customer experience is critical to your reputation and your business’s ongoing success
  • You’re frustrated not everyone in your team is as engaged in their role as they could be, which naturally has an impact on your productivity and customers’ experience
  • You’re fed up with the lack of consistency and pressure on everyone due to staff turnover, which inevitably has an impact on productivity, customer service, and ultimately your profit margins


Then… Set up an Employee Engagement Focus Session, free of charge, so we can identify how you can improve productivity, staff retention and your customer experience in your business as a result of greater levels of engagement.

During this laser focused 30 minute session...

During these laser focused 30 minute sessions (via Zoom or phone) we can pinpoint the gaps, and identify the key areas of focus so you have clarity on what to take action on to improve employee engagement and retention.

Obviously in 30 minutes we can’t map out your whole employee engagement strategy, but what I can do is help you spot opportunities and some easy wins to work towards a more engaged workforce who will be:

  • more productive
  • loyal to your business
  • giving a better experience for your customers

... And ultimately generate more profit.

What’s the catch?

If I believe I can help you I will present a plan which I can help you deliver – but only if I believe it is right for you. That’s all!

So if you want to set up a session, click the link below. There is absolutely no charge for this focus session.


These Focus Sessions aren’t for everyone

So I can devote enough attention and give real value to the calls I only offer 4 of these sessions per month.

Please only sign up for it if:

  • You are prepared and committed to taking some action.
  • You are willing to uncover any obstacles or ways of working that may be preventing you from creating a fully engaged team (and from achieving the customer experience, productivity and profit you want).
  • And of course you need to be the owner or manager of the business or in a position to implement your plan.

My talent is in helping you get truly focussed on what you need to do to engage your team in delivering a consistently great customer experience.

So, if you qualify, and you’re ready to focus on making your employees your key point of differentiation and would like a free 30-minute Focus Session with me, please request your spot by registering on the form below.

To make sure we make absolute maximum return on our time together on the call I may send a questionnaire to help get the process started. This will help get you focused and helps me prepare.

In order to set up our Focus Session please select a time from the available slots. I will set up an online meeting. Please note all times are shown in GMT, so please make the appropriate adjustments for your own time zone. So you can get the best from our discussion please select a time when you will be free from distractions, and you can have relevant information to hand. I will shortly send you a brief questionnaire for you to complete in advance of our session so that we can make the most of our time together.

Please request your spot by registering right here.