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You may not feel there is much to celebrate right now if your business is closed. But I believe we can all find small mercies to be grateful for, whether it’s the fine weather we’ve had during most of the lockdown, the convenience of modern technology to keep in touch, or simply having some downtime to spend with the family.

Yesterday I was celebrating with hubby; our 35th wedding anniversary; my brother was 70 on Saturday, and another friend was due to celebrate moving to her new home with a house warming party but had to settle for an online quiz with friends and family. Just because we couldn’t get together didn’t mean we didn’t want to do something to mark the occasions.

I’ve talked in previous emails about the importance of keeping in touch with both customers and team alike, to let them know you’re still thinking of them and care about them during the lockdown.

Marking a special occasion is a perfect way to engage with both customers and team members. Recognising a personal milestone, proud moment or a significant event shows you care.

What can we celebrate?

Thinking beyond birthdays and wedding anniversaries, what else can we celebrate…

The anniversary of….

  • the date each of your team members joined your business
  • the start of your business
  • the start of your customer/client’s business
  • a customer becoming a customer

Proud moments

Although there won’t be many things happening in gaining qualifications or awards there will still be plenty happening in the lives or your team members and customers to warrant celebration

  • The birth of a child or grandchild
  • A significant contribution to charity (it may not be in the same leagues as Captain Tom’s incredible achievement, but any charitable achievements are worthy of acknowledgement)
  • Learning a new skill
  • First anniversaries – look back at the events you help this time last year. What first anniversaries are coming up?

Lastly don’t forget all those postponed events – many of which would have been to celebrate a special occasion. Even if people can’t celebrate with you, the date should still be marked and celebrated in some way.

Celebrations don’t need to be lavish. What’s more important is that they are sincere and relevant to those you are congratulating.

Recognise that some people love the limelight, others hate it. Sometimes a quiet “congratulations and well done” is all that’s needed and will have more impact than any razzmatazz announcement.

And make a note to follow up with something appropriate for when the lockdown is over.

In the meantime, raise that imaginary glass of champagne and drink a toast.

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