What's employee engagement got to do with customer service culture or the customer experience?

Well... have you ever had a good customer experience when served by someone who wasn't engaged?

What impact is employee engagement having on your customers’ experience?

The emotions of your team will undoubtedly impact how your customers feel about your business

Bored, disengaged, apathetic staff can taint your customers’ perception of customer care

And it only takes one or two team members to 'infect' your entire team

What is Employee Engagement anyway?

Employee engagement is a measure of a team’s emotional commitment to your business.

Simply put employee engagement relates to the degree to which your team are enthusiastic about coming to work, how confident they are that their contribution is recognised and the extent of their personal attachment to the business.

When you get it right it results in:

  • greater productivity
  • improved staff retention
  • fewer days off sick
  • brand ambassadors
  • ... and a team who helps your business grow

If you look after your team
they will look after your customers

Behaviour breeds behaviour

Disengaged managers are 3 times more likely to have disengaged employees

So how engaged are your managers?

When you get home from work can you normally sense what sort of mood everyone at home is in? Even when no words are spoken it’s usually pretty easy to tell.

Likewise, our own moods and emotions are usually evident to others from our behaviours, body language, facial expressions and tone.

So when managers or supervisors are disengaged it’s soon picked up by their team.

It all stems from the top

Sometimes your management team simply don’t recognise just how big an impact they have.

Unsurprisingly it’s no different for customers. They soon pick up when team members are bored, hesitant, impatient or simply disinterested.

And this doesn’t just apply to the person they’re dealing with directly; the behaviours of anyone else in sight or within earshot can impact how the customer feels.

Irrespective of whether you’re selling products or services, in person, by phone or online, the emotions you create in your customer will always have a part to play on their buying decision: their willingness to buy at all, how quickly they buy, how much they spend, their perception of value, their readiness to buy again and their confidence to recommend you.

It’s not just about Customer Service…

Of course the impact employee engagement can have  on customer service and your customer experience is important.

But improving employee engagement opens up other BIG opportunities too…

A few simple strategies you can implement for next to nothing can have a massive impact on how people feel about themselves and your business.

Employee Engagement leads to:

  • Lower staff turnover so you save on recruitment costs, the headache of staff shortages, and ensure a consistent level of service for your customers
  • Increase staff productivity and lower absenteeism which enables you to contain labour costs without compromising on service levels
  • More effective use of resources to keep wastage to a minimum and control costs
  • Clarity and confidence in their role and purpose so employees more readily identify ways to continually improve
  • A willingness to cover and support each other at peak times so your customers get a seamless service and you don’t need to depend on unreliable temporary staff
  • Knowledge and confidence to offer other services and up-sell when appropriate helping to increase sales (on the right products and services) and boost profit margins
  • More confidence to use their initiative and get things done quicker, taking the pressure off you and your managers and supervisors
  • A team who are proud to work for you and are ambassadors for your business, and happily recommend you to others (both prospective customers and prospective employees)
  • You’ll be confident that your team can cope without you so you can focus on working on your business rather than being perpetually sucked into the day-to-day operation (and enable you to take a well earned break when you need to).
  • … and of course a better customer experience which results in more sales, greater customer loyalty and repeat business

"Customers will never love a company until its employees love it first"  Simon Sinek

What do you do systematically to measure and improve employee engagement in your business?

However engaged WE think employees are unless we ask them how do we really know?

When was the last time you asked your team?

Just 10 minutes a quarter could give you all you need to transform your business.

Discover more about how to reveal what your employees are really thinking so you can tap into their full potential and create a fully engaged organisation.

Tony Burton

We have worked with Caroline on many employee training initiatives over the years, which have driven improvements in employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Caroline recommended and assisted us in implementing the Engagement Multiplier service that has proved instrumental in enabling us to measure and improve employee engagement in our business. This has resulted in an improvement in employee engagement of almost 20% over the past couple of years.

I would unreservedly recommend the services that Caroline offers

Tony Burton Managing Director at TMB Systems Ltd

    I have worked with Caroline for many years and therefore have complete confidence in her ability to identify the issues and come up with innovative long term solutions that add direct value to the business.

    In my role as Food Service Director for Pride Catering Partnership, I had identified two distinct needs
    1) Customer Care: A bespoke programme was put together by Caroline and in the first out let we have seen a tangible increase in Sales of around 10 % and an engagement of the team to drive these sales
    2) Senior team value: Caroline has began work to ensure our senior team can understand and articulate our value to clients and customers. The first workshop has led to our team questioning what is value work and ensuring that they delegate more effectively. The positive feedback from our team, is that they are now focusing on added value activities and this is helping them manage their workload.

    I would not hesitate in recommending Caroline to any business that want real client and customer focus and growth.

    Dennis Purcell
    Food Service Director
    Pride Catering Partnership Ltd