Engage Your Team

You know what it’s like…

  • You’ve just invested 6 weeks in training someone to the point when you now feel confident to leave them working on their own and they now announce they’re leaving so you’re back to square one…
  • You receive a phone call from one of your best customers who tells you one of your team was less than helpful when they came in yesterday…
  • You have a slow day, which you see as an opportunity to get on with some proactive tasks. But when you leave your team to it, all that seems to happen is they fritter away the time. In fact despite the fact you’re quiet your customers seem to get a less positive experience than they would when you’re busy..!

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Why is this?

Motivation of employees is currently one of the biggest challenges organisations face. According to Research by Gallup/Bain & Company engaged staff are 44% more productive than staff who are merely satisfied. And inspired staff are 125% more productive than ‘satisfied’ staff.

Wouldn’t you like to achieve that in your organisation?

Whilst I don’t believe leaders or managers can motivate their team per se (motivation has to come from within) they can at least create an environment and culture in which individual engagement can grow and flourish.

An engaged and inspired team means:

A better customer experience leading to

  • Increased spend per head.
  • More repeat business from existing customers
  • Better reviews and online reputation

You’re more likely to attract and retain talent. This means

  • Fewer headaches and unnecessary cost from constantly having to recruit and train new people.
  • Reduce the negative impact on your existing team from being short-staffed, or having to spend unnecessary time getting new team members up to speed.
  • Avoid the potential negative reputation with customers associated with a constantly changing team.

Greater productivity as a result of:

  • People working more efficiently and energetically.
  • Lower absenteeism.

And ultimately more profit.

So wouldn’t you love to create an engaged and inspired team?

…And to:

  1. Create an environment where your team take a pride in everything they do?
  2. Inspire your team to take ownership so you’re totally confident they will get things done willingly and enthusiastically, even when you’re not there?
  3. Get your team on board to share your passion for your future plans and come forward with ideas to achieve them?
  4. Retain your valued team members so they don't leave as soon as they’re up to speed?
  5. Create a team of brand ambassadors who will take every opportunity to promote your organisation?
  6. Watch your team use their initiative and go the extra mile for your customers?
  7. Discover practical ways to keep your team in high spirits (even when balancing labour costs)?

It’s as important as ever to get maximum results with minimum resources. And that means it’s even more important to engage all of your people and tap into their full potential.

With the Engage Your Team Programme you will discover how to:

  1. Ensure all your team are working towards a common goal
  2. Identify the drivers for your team members and how to get the best from them
  3. Develop your team just enough to keep the balance between stretch and overloaded
  4. Give your team autonomy whilst leaving you confident and relaxed you can leave them to it
  5. Ensure your team feel valued without resorting to expensive incentives
  6. Involve your team in problem-solving and driving change for the better within your organisation
  7. Gain simple, but effective feedback tools to build confidence and improve performance

This 9 module, interactive online training course, mirrors my one day live team workshop which I’ve delivered to more than 500 delegates.

What’s included for you:

9 modules of

  • Exclusive video training with Caroline Cooper explaining the key principles
  • Action checklists to help you keep on track in implementing what you’ve learnt
  • Your personal workbook to download and record your own ideas and intentions so you have something to refer back to keep yourself accountable
  • An MP3 audio so you can listen/remind yourself of the core messages (and even learn whilst on the move if you want).
  • An optional activity to stretch more experienced teams and managers.

When you buy the programme you’ll get instant online access to each of the modules straightaway. So if there’s one area particularly that you feel you need help on right now you can start with that straightaway.

...But I don’t have time…

“I’m too busy!” I hear you thinking.

Well you don’t need a clear diary to participate in this online programme. And by completing many of the activities you will actually be saving time.

All of the activities are things that a leader would (or should) be doing anyway. Some might not be in your calendar this month, or might not be in your plan regularly, but all of the things I’m going to ask you to do will contribute to you and your team achieving your usual everyday results and more besides.

This programme is all about implementation. There’ll be things you know already, even things you do already. But whether you know it or not the focus is on implementation and ensuring your action get the results you want.

On the programme we’ll focus your attention, encouraging you to think in alternative ways and helping you track your achievements as you increase your team’s engagement and productivity.

If you only manage commit an hour or two per week you’ll still see a change.

Most of the actions involves doing normal, everyday activities and challenging your usual way of thinking as you do them. Often we know what we should be doing, but somehow things get in the way, or in a moment of pressure we are blissfully unaware of the impact we have on others, or at times it seems that it’s simply quicker to do things yourself than rely on your team….

Who is the programme for?

  • If you lead a team who are not as engaged and motivated as you’d like then there’ll be plenty here to help you find that spark.
  • If you rely on a team of line managers, heads of department or supervisors with minimal management skills this is an ideal way to get them started at how they lead and engage to get the best from their teams.

How will it increase my team's performance?

Of course, every business is different, and every team is different. Each of us have our own challenges, targets, characteristics and dynamics. So I can't tell you exactly what results you'll be able to measure at the end of the Engage Your Team programme.

But what I CAN tell you is this...

As you work through the complete programme with me, you'll see some clear differences:

  • A fully engaged team of people - so that you don't have to spend half your life checking on people and chasing up on actions
  • Efficient working that capitalises on everyone's strengths – so you can go home at the end of the day knowing that things are taken care of whilst you’re not there
  • The confidence, capability willingness of your team to take ownership of problems and challenges before they become big issues.
  • Clear focus and everyone working towards a common goal, resulting in greater productivity and less wastage on labour
  • Improved bottom line profit to show your owners, investors or the bank as a result of your hard work.
Just 1 payment of £247 (+VAT for UK)